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Greece ATM

I plan to use my debt card at a Greece bank ATM. I am new to getting money overseas and hardly use the ATM in the states. I assume it will prompt me in English for my password. Will i get another yes or no feature for Conversion? I am to say No. Does the ATM take your card and spits it back out at the end? Little worried I won't get it back but if I use a bank ATM I can talk with the bank if there is a problem. Thanks for the help just want to get a idea beforehand.

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Yes there is a page that pops up asking if you accept conversion - and yes you are correct - say no .

Also shop around for atms- some banks charge 3-4 euros - some charge up to 5 euros ( do not use “ Euronet” they are the worse .

I think we used “ Alpha “ and “ Piraeus “ bank machines the most as they had the lower fees . And yes I try to use machines attached to open banks just in case machine eats card ( never have had it happen but just an abundance of caution on my part )

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I haven't used an ATM in Greece in 20 years, but most ATMs return your card before dispensing the cash. Grab your card immediately; if you dilly-dally to count the money (not a great idea in public, anyway), the ATM may suck your card back in so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. That would be a pain.

ATM software varies, so don't get complacent. Read the screens carefully so you know what you're agreeing to. The DCC offer isn't always worded the same way. An ATM fee may be mixed in there, too.

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I dont know specifically about Greece, but as I recall, every ATM I've used abroad has always asked first what language you want to use, showing displays of countries' flags for the various choices. That is, for English, you pick the British flag.

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I use ATMs in Greece all the time without any problem. If you pay attention to what you are doing you’ll be fine.

You’re right to reject conversion and it’s good to be wary. On some machines they ask you the question twice.

Pat’s advice about Euronet is good. They are quite prominent with blue and yellow branding. They charge 15% plus fees. Despite the name they are run by a company in Kansas and essentially charge whatever they can get away with.

My (one) experience of leaving a card in a machine is that it beeped very loudly and various Greeks nearby ran down the street to return it to us.

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Just keep in mind that if the ATM keeps your card the bank can not return and this is for sure. I work in banks for 20 years. Though you can use your debit card as credit everywhere

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I use the ATMs at the Athens airport. There are several when you leave the arrivals gate and enter the main entrance area.

Yes, DO NOT ask for conversion. Otherwise you'll be charge an exorbitant fee.'

Piraeus Bank and Alpha Bank are two of the more reliable banks.

All Greek banks now charge a fee, usually 3 euros or less.

Make sure you let your local bank know where you are going and the dates.

I've never had an ATM machine in Greece eat my card. It always "spit" it out whether at the airport, Athens or on an island.

Always make sure of your surroundings when using an ATM, especially in crowded areas like the airport. Don't flash cash around and keep it in a safe spot in a money belt or a zipped pocket.

More than likely you'll be fine. Just use common sense and you'll be OK.

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One of the first screens will be for language. Select the U.K. Flag button - it just means English language, I’ve seen people confused thinking it meant your card came from British bank or something. Nope, just the language. From there everything is easy to understand.

NO on the conversion - do it all in Euros.

Sometimes the card comes back at the end, sometimes before - after you enter your PIN. Just depends. Take your card when it comes, don’t wait too long.

Really, ATMs are the same most everywhere, it will work just like at home. Only difference is language selection and the currency conversion