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Greece and Italy | Itinerary Help

We plan 14 days holiday from Singapore to Greece and Italy. Here is our plan roughly ; it will be great if you can suggest/comment on the plan.

D# Itinerary

1 SG to Athens

2 Athens

3 Athens to Santorini

4 Santorini

5 Santorini

6 Santorini

7 Santorini

8 Santorini to Rome

9 Rome

10 Rome

11 Rome to Amalfi Coast ( Train)

12 Amalfi Coast

13 Amalfi Coast to Rome( Train)

14 Rome to Athens

15 Athens To SG

Please let us know if this is overly ambitious. Thank for your help.

PS: We have already blocked SG - Athens return flight and hence that is fixed. (I am afraid if I can do open jaw now)
Except that we are flexible to amend to make it more doable.
Idea is to visit : Athens ; Santorini (Mykonos if possible) ; Rome and Amalfi Coast .
Kindly looking forward for your help on the same.



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You have enough days for Athens, but why so many days in Santorini. It is a beautiful island, but takes one day to see everything. If you like snorkeling or sailing, I guess you can enjoy that.
Why not visit Mykonos as well.

Consider a Greek Island cruise.

I would skip the short trip to Rome and Amalfi Coast. Rome is my favorite city in Europe, but you need about a week to take it all in thoroughly.

There is much to see in mainland Greece, like Delphi, the Temple of Poseidon, the Corinth Canal. In Athens be sure to visit the New Acropolis Museum and the Archaeological Museum as well as the Acropolis and Parthenon.

Other Greek islands to see are Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes and the smaller islands near Athens (Aegina is one).

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Saying it takes one day to see everything on Santorini is BEYOND FALSE. That's not even remotely accurate. I challenge anyone to visit every village, see both archaeological sites, the museums, wineries, shops, galleries, beaches and the best tavernas, take in the nightlife, take an excursion into the caldera and partake in any ongoing cultural events, ALL IN ONE DAY?.


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EasyJet flies directly between Naples and Athens. May not operate every day but better than splitting your days in Rome, I think.

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The cost of the flight from Rome back to Athens may be comparable to the cost to just change your return flight departure city to Rome (open jaw). This looks like a lot of back tracking. If there is a Athens - Naples flight that works with your schedule, maybe try to fly directly there upon arrival in Athens. Then you could go 3 nights Amalfi Coast, 4 night Rome - Santorini 4 nights - one day trip to Mykonos/Delos, 4 nights Athens. This would have you changing hotels only 4 times versus 6.

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We are thinking of dropping off our visit to Rome. How's the idea to visit Athens , Santorini , Naxos and Amalfi Coast .

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for all your suggestions.

Let me try and rephrase my query so that you can offer me help.

We have decided on our (SG-Athens-SG) flight and I am afraid this part wont be possible to change.

Now we plan to visit Athens , Santorini , Naxos and Amalfi Coast . Can I request for suggestions in terms of the order and considering connectivity. Also please suggest the number of days breakdown if possible.


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Skip the AMalfi Coast & Italy -- save it for a separate trip.

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Is there a specific reason for wanting to spend all that extra time and money to go to the Amalfi Coast? It is beautiful but I don't think it's worth the headache for what, maybe 4 nights? If you are going just for the scenery and oceanside towns, I'm sure the experts here and on tripadvisor could offer some comparable alternatives within the Greek Islands...

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You didn't say when you would be going which can make a big difference.

I have been to Greece many times and Italy once. Italy is very nice but the Amalfi Coast can be a nightmare of traffic, congestion and over crowded regardless of whether it's high or low season. We were there in October and it was just over bearing with crowds. The bus ride from Sorrento to the Amalfi Coast was the worst trip I've ever been on. You would be better to spend extra money for a private driver or a private tour, even then expect heavy traffic and crowds.

Greece on the other hand is very manageable, off season or high season. Santorini is one of Greece's most popular and heavily touristed island, whether off season or high, but more manageable than the Amalfi Coast.

There are many Greek Islands that can offer over-the-top tourism or a more traditional and laid back experience. Decide what's best for your as far as your wants and desires for a Greek Island. A little more research on your part will help you make a decision rather than going with the usual Santorini or Bust Greek Island Experience.

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Agree Santorini needs more than 1 day - we spent 3 nights. Five would be at least one too many for me. Another suggestion, after landing in Rome head straight to the Amalfi Coast. Then go back for your Rome stay so you only have to check into 2 hotels rather than three.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for your suggestions . Please find below updated itinerary.

D# Travel
1 Singapore (2250) to Athens (ETA D2 0845) -> Naples
2 Athens (1130) to Naples (1220) -> Positano
3 Amalfi Coast
4 Amalfi Coast
5 Amalfi Coast
6 Amalfi Coast
7 Naples (1500) to Santorini (2035)
8 Santorini
9 Santorini
10 Santorini (1530) -> Naxos (1730)
11 Naxos
12 Naxos
13 Naxos (1830) - > Athens (1915)
14 Athens

15 Athens to Singapore

Please let me know your comments.


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Just a note -- when you ask on a Greece forum about how much time to spend in Italy, do not expect the enthusiasm you would get from the Italy Forum. Most of us would say, one country or the other, not both... and on the Greece forum, we'll say GREECE. Go to the Italy forum if you want cheerleaders for the notoriously crowded Amalfi Coast. BTW, in case you have not read many travel guides on the 2 countries, Greece is ideal in May because everything's open and nothing is that crowded, because the big crowds don't arrive till late June into July ... whereas for Many years, 40 at least, Italy has had a MUCH longer tourist season, attracting crowds from Easter to November.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks - can I check you thoughts on the connection for day 1.

D1 SG (2250) to Athens (ETA D1 : 0845)
D2 ATH (1130) to NAP (1220)

Is this practical - considering arriving at 0845 and then taking another flight at 1130 same morning?


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Yes - plenty of time. ATH airport just one big building... International flights at one end, domestic at the other.