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Greece Alcohol offerings

We will be in Athens, then on a cruise, and back to Athens and driving ourselves around the Peloponnese for a 10 day self guided tour. My husband is a devote Jack Daniels Whiskey drinker, wondering if it is possible to buy that brand in Athens before getting on our boat (already checked the liquor package, it's not available.)
What is liquor sales like in Greece? Looking forward to our 25 days in Greece April 2022
Thanks Kjo

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No idea about liquor sales in Greece, but couldn't you just buy a bottle at the duty free shop at your departure airport?

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Cava Nektar, Ermou 121, Athens, 10555, sells Jack.

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Jack Daniels is somewhat popular in Europe, as are other Bourbons. However, responses to import tariffs imposed by the previous US administration meant a retaliatory tariff on Bourbon, greatly reducing sales to Europe, and increasing prices. Some of that is easing, but it might still be hard to find, wouldn't hurt to look.

He might try some other whiskeys, Scotch and Irish Whiskeys will be available, plus some other odds and ends. Whiskey is actually more popular among the Greeks than Ouzo, so there will be options everywhere.

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I don't think there's anywhere in Europe that I've been where one cannot buy a bottle of Jack Daniels despite the recent tariffs imposed.

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You might also check your cruise line’s policy. Some ships may not allow you to bring alcohol on board; some differentiated between wine and ‘spirits’ (I think that’s the term used?). It could be confiscated as you board and returned when you disembark. Safe travels.

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As Denny said. Most ships will not allow “spirits” to be brought aboard. A few allow a limited amount of wine. I’ve been on many cruises and never one where JD was not available. You probably have a basic drink package and JD is often labeled a “premium” label. Either upgrade your package or buy the JD outside of your package by the glass.