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Greece 9 Days Itenerary Help....


Need help with Greece Islands travel. We are arriving in Athens on Sep 11th (1:30PM) and departing on Sep 21st early morning (8:00AM) from Athens.

We are not party people - beaches, nice scenery, white-washed towns with nice cobbled streets - that's what we love.

Here's a few options - please let us know if this is feasible.

1) Thursday seems like a bad day to arrive in Athens for connecting flights to islands - one option is to do a quick evening in Athens - see Acropolis and stay near airport

2) Friday - Flight t to Naxos or Milos (3 nights) - please advise which is better based on our interest ??

3) Monday - Ferry to Santorini - (3 nights)

4) Thursday - Ferry to Chania.. (pretty much 3 nights) - Saturday night flight - Chania to Athens. Stay in airport.

Depart Sunday morning.....

Is this too much or doable ?? Should we shift nights / perhaps remove a island - we want this to be relaxed as well - don't want to return with the feeling of having spent too much time packing, unpacking, stand in line at airport/ferry etc. etc.

We can also do this in reverse somewhat - on the day of arrival (we arrive at 1:30PM), there is a 9:00PM Ryanair to Chania - we would have 7 hours to kill - perhaps just do a quick visit to Acropolis and back and skip staying in Athens until the last night ??

Thanks a lot.

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Desi Hi ... and Good Luck!

It is not that Thursday is a "bad day to connect flights to Islands" -- It is that you arrive a THE most crowded, biggest holiday weekend of the year in Greece, next to Easter, certainly biggest holiday of Summer. August 15 (Acension) is wall-to-wall people for at least 3 days on either side. All planes at decent hours Thurs-Fri probably have been sold out for months.

Arriving Friday to Naxos or Milos, do you have any reservations? And arriving Monday -- The Holiday itself -- on Santorini -- THE most crowded island of all. Any reservations? In fact, can you actually get seats on ferries for these days? The large ferries, holding 1500+ passengers, I hear are even sold out. Best to check.

You might actually do better by reversing -- IF you can find a place to stay in Chania Th-Fr-Sat-Sun? A ferry from Crete to anywhere goes out of Heraklion... so you'd either have to rent a car (maybe not possible o that week) or take an early KTEL bus to get the 9:45 ferry to Heraklion... and on Aug. 15, with only about 450 seats, I'll bet its sold out.

I really don't know what to advise someone who's coming to Greece without the basic research to cope with the busiest week of all season, lacking bookings for lodgings, ferries or car rental. As I said, I do wish you luck, you will need it!

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I think Janet means Assumption Day, the day of the assumption of Mary into heaven. But since it is August 15, it shouldn't affect your trip in September.

Have you checked Aegean Airlines for flights? It's a bit late for any deals, but you never know till you try.

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Whooops! You are right! I mis-read September for August !!! Mea culpa! However, still a good idea to do some bookings, if you want to get the best value ... i.e., good locations at budget prices. The best value places are always popular, and ones with vacancies may prove to be in less-optimal locations.