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Hi all, we are looking to go to Greece for 2 weeks. We want to rent a house near a beach town and central enough to do a variety of day trips. Any suggestions on a region or town yo stay?

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Look at Napflion on Peloponnesean Peninsula or the island of Paros.

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I agree that Napflion would be a good option, or if you can find anyplace along the coast in that general area. You likely would do better with a car, but near there would be easy trips to Epidaurus, Mycenae, and Corinth. A bit further, meaning a long day, would be Delphi and Olympia, as well as some other Peloponnese sites.

If you decide on an Island, then for the most part you are limited to that island for day trips.

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I thought it was Nafplio not Nafplion. I agree that this would make a perfect base. I also suggest renting a car to visit Epidavros and Mycenae.

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Mary Pat, the most usual spelling today is Nafplio... BUT there are numerous spellings for many Greek places, because of the letter choices in changing from one alphabet to another (and also past Greek disagreements about "proper" ways to translate). For instance, there's yet another spelling for this acknowledged most gorgeous town in greec -- Nauplia.

And the 2nd most beautiful Old Town in Greece, in Western Crete, is Spelled Chania, Hanya, and yes, even Xania. That's because the "CHI" letter in the Greek alphabet (symbol looks like our "X") does not have an exact sound in our ABC. It's not pronounced like "K" or "Ch" as in choo-choo ... Instead it's sort of a gargled harrumphing "H" ... the way the Scots say "Loch" as in "Loch Ness". Thus, translations differ.

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I would recommend the island of Naxos. Lots to see and do on the island, with boat trips available to nearby islands and possibly to Mykonos (depending on what time of year). You might venture to nearby Amorgos for a couple of nights for a change of scenery.

Janet -- just curious -- if Chania is the second most beautiful Old Town in Greece, what is the most beautiful?

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Janet and I always disagree on this one. I say old town and harbour of Chania is the most beautiful. Janet always votes for Nafplio.
You be the judge

And Naxos is a good suggestion as well
Naxos town
Trip around Naxos
Naxos sunsets