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Greece - 10 days with a baby

My husband and I are visiting Greece during mid October this year, with our baby- she will be 15 months then! We have 10 full days excluding flying in and out of Athens.

  1. Any tips on travelling with a little one?

  2. Our interests are architecture (I am an architect), food, wine and some layed back activity with our girl. We do intend taking it easy to coordinate her nap times, so she can rest. Any suggestions based on our interests in Greece?

  3. Any suggestion on which island would be ideal with a baby? Santorini?

  4. Also we were thinking of renting an apartment verses a hotel. Unless you know of a kid friendly place in Athens (need a microwave and fridge- maybe laundry).

  5. Lastly, since we will have relatively more luggage with the baby, does it make sense to make more day trips from one location or move around since we have to manage her naps in the afternoon? She is a very light sleeper.

Thanks in advance!

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See some recommended books and links about travel with kids at My thought would be to rent a car for traveling on the Peloponnese or other mainland destinations outside of Athens. That would help carry your gear, allow you to be totally on your own schedule, provide shelter in bad weather, and lull the child to sleep. Some mainland coastal stops are "just as good" as an island, without flight or ferry to get there.

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While I can't offer any specific advice yet, we will be traveling between Santorini & Athens June 4-11 for my sister's wedding with our 18 month old son. I will be happy to share any tips I have with you after our trip! :)

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I'd recommend to bring a backpack carrier for the baby. Many historic sites are not very accessible with a stroller, paths can be rocky, stairs/steps abound ... A backpack gives you more flexibility.