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Great tour guide!!

I had a trip to Italy planned but with Covid in 2021, the Rick Steve’s trips were put on hold. I decided to do a yoga retreat in Delphi and emailed to see if any of the Rick Steve’s tour guides were available since they weren’t working on his tours. I ended up connecting with this FANTASTIC guide named Faye, based out of Athens, Greece! She gave me a tour of the Acropolis and was amazing. She has a PHD in Archeology and Architecture, so was extremely knowledgeable. But even more she was personable and a human being. Her guidance allowed me to navigate through Athens feeling safe and using my limited time there wisely. From knowing way driver to select to get from Delphi to Athens —-to where to stand in the shadiest place at the Acropolis so she could give detailed info about the ruins. This tour guide is a shining star in my eyes,
That I would highly recommend and I am looking forward to going back to Greece next summer because I had such a great time! €50/hour [email protected]

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May I ask, how long the tour was and what you paid? And do you have contact info?

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It must have been the same Faye who gave our RS tour group guided tours of the Acropolis and two museums, back in 2011. I agree, she was quite wonderful.

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04/30/16 02:51 PM
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I suggest Faye Georgiou - [email protected]. She is listed in Rick's Greece guidebook and a fantastic local guide for Athens. I did her tour of the Acropolis, which was very good. She charges €50 an hour.

Note the date so the rate may have changed.

Faye is a gushing font of knowledge and a 'hoot'. Great personality
Additional comments in the below

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I see that you did provide Faye's fee information on this posting... I just now wrote a note on your other rave-review posting, asking for that info. It would be good to list the fees on both posts, in case someone doesn't read both.

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I did 4 hours with Faye as my guide, she met me at Divani Palace and we walked to The Acropolis. Get tickets online ahead of time so you don’t have to wait in two lines (one to buy the ticket and one to give the ticket to get in—both were quite long by 9:00 am). She is knowledgeable about not only Athens, but all
of Greece such as visiting the monasteries at
Meteora (which I may do next year). [email protected] €50/ hour

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Faye was our Athens local guide on the RS Greece Tour in 2017. As mentioned up thread, she is amazing- knowledgeable, personable & animated! Some friends who were with us on the tour hired her for a private tour when they revisited Athens with their daughter. Thanks for sharing your experience.