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great beach getaway flying from the UK?

Hi I would love and ideas/ advice on a great island for 7 days. I would be traveling with my daughter (she lives in Bath,England). we though it would be fun to fly down for some sun and beach time. We have Sept 1-7. We are mostly interested in a beautiful beach and nice hotel near or on the beach with a pool and some great food/ restaurants nearby. Basically looking for a quiet (not too touristy)nice beach time with R&R. We were thinking we could fly out&in of Bristol England or London. We were hoping to decrease a lot of travel time since we only have a week. Originally we were thinking of flying to Milos but there is not a direct flight and would have to stop in Athens and even stay a night there. So we then thought maybe Kefalonia or Kos or Crete since there are direct flights from Bristol but they don't fly every day, so may need to fly out of London. Any suggestions of a nice island with a great beach and hotel for just a week is much appreciated. I got some great advice from Janet here in 2017 when we went to Naxos and Milos, Santorini that time. Was really great! this will be only the 2nd time in Greece. Thanks!

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Annette we N. Americans don't know the flights to islands from regional airways. Can you google something about What Greek destinations direct from Bristol UK September? Let Google do the work... then come back here with a list of islands and ask us to recommend among them. TIP: people on this forum tend to know more about Cyclades, Crete, Rhodes, and Saronic isles. I know a bit about the N. Aegean as well (Samos & adjoining) If you come up with a bunch of Ionian-Isle direct flights (Corfu, Zakynthos etc), then you're better off inquiring on Trip Advisor, where more Brits post.... because Ionians are long-time UK favorites, especially for "package holidays" ... It's sorta their Florida...

IF you are willing to connect in Athens to a direct flight to PAROS, My suggestion would be AntiParos, & stay at Thalasea - just uphill 50 yards from gorgeous Psaraliki Beach - -- Antiparos is magic in the evenings... a lit-up "Agora" lane, nice tavernas. By day you can check out thehigliights of Paros, just follow the day-visit suggestions here -

If u don't want to fly from Athens, and you arrive by 3:30 or so, you can grab a taxi & make the 5:30 BLUE STAR out of Piraeus, enjoy sunset on the deck, snooze in a "reserved economy" comfy leanback seat, & arrive PAROS at 9:30 pm... take a quick ferry to Antiparos. BTW I don't believe Thalasea has a pool but in September the Aegean is pure heaven, having had all summer to arrive at the perfect temp. And anybody who needs a pool, 50 yards from the Aegean sea, IMHO, should just go to Florida.