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Good Sim card service in Greece

I will be going to Greece in the Fall and would like to get a Sim card for my phone so I can use the Internet and communicate with fellow travelers when we are separated. I have an unlocked smart phone so all I have to do is pop in a sim card from a local cell phone provider. What is a good cell phone service for tourists that you would recommend?

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Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind are the top three mobile service providers. There's a "Germanos" Store at the Athens Airport In the Departures Lounge that sells Cosmote products. Last time I bought one the SIM was only about €5, but of course you have to add minutes to it. They will set you up an get you activated. There are Germanos stores all over Greece. You can 'top off' your minutes as needed wherever you go, not just from a Germanos store but often in a local supermarket using a credit card. If one doesn't offer it they'll tell you where to go.

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When I was there this time, I had to get a new card... got Cosmote as that was what I'd used in 3-4 visits before. In the Western Cycladics (Serifos, Sifnos, Kythnos, Milos) they just sell Germanos because those don't seem to get coverage from Cosmote, altho friends in athens told me that Cosmote was better elsewhere ... My Cosmote phone worked fine in Peloponnese, Athens, and the other, Larger Cycladic isles Naxos/Paros. I guess it s also best on mainland &large cities. I'd be interest ed to see the contrasting coverage maps ... but of course, each company will make theirs look best, just as in US.

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I will be in Santorini on Sept 1st the island hopping back to Piraeus to join the RS tour on Sept 14th. I will be bringing an iPad mini and plan on visiting the Vodophone shop in Santorini to purchase a nano sim for it. I heard the coverage is good through out Greece.