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Getting from Piraeus to Nafplion

Hello all. I plan on taking the afternoon high speed ferry in mid-October from Naxos arriving in Piraeus at 16:50 hrs. I then need to get to my hotel in Nafplion for check in by 21:00 hrs. I’m assuming a good option is to take a taxi from the port to the bus terminal and then catch a bus to Nafplion. Does this seem like a good option or should I look into just hiring a car service from the port to the hotel in Nafplion? All thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated.

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You can also take the Green Line Metro from the Piraeus Harbor Metro Station to Omonia Square, then a taxi the short hop to the Kifisou Bus Terminal. Buses to Nafplio are frequent and comfortable, with A/C. Yes, of course you can hire a car and driver if you prefer but the Taxi and the Metro/Bus combos are a lot less expensive. FYI-the last bus to Nafplio leaves at 9:30pm.

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Yes that's what I have done... but ;you will be cutting it close -- here's the bus schedule There's a 17:30 bus departing every day fromKTEL Kiffisou Bus Terminal. That's only 40 minutes from the time you dock. This means you'd have to leap off the ferry, get a taxi instantly. You'd have to tell hm to drive like a maniac -- promise extra € if he get's there by 17:20.... then youd have to dash into the terminal and race to the far exit, where Nafplio Express bus is filling up (luckily there's a counter right by the bus where you can buy tickets). Of course, even if you do get there -- that's the first bus after work, and could be full. And you'd be stuck anyway with hiring a car service, which could cost you €150 or more.... instead of €13.

So... what's the deal with taking that expensive fast-ferry, so you'd have 3 more hours on the island?? Why not take the wonderful BLUE STAR large open-deck ferry at 10:00 AM, be able to sit out on the rear deck, read a book, sunbathe, go inside to a reserved-economy seat & snooze, and arrive Piraeus at 3 pm. (15:00 hours). You'd have time to get a bite to eat, at a Pireaus Cafe (or pick up a take-away gyro), and get to the Bus station in plenty of time.

Consider -- what would you do on Naxos between 10 am and 1:20 PM that's worth €150?

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We really enjoyed our Blue Star ferry from Paros (port after Naxos) to massive Piraeus like Janet recommends. We took the bus from Nafpion to Athens but the bus station was in the outskirts so not sure if that increases the time you need to make the connection. The bus was okay enough but tedious. In Nafpion our hotel front desk arranged a very well priced taxi to the ruins which we shared with another couple at the hotel.

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Thank you all for your replies. Janet- the main reason for not taking the early ferry was because I thought the 5 1/2 hr ferry ride combined with the transfer to the bus station and another 2 hour bus ride would make a long exhausting day of travel. However, reading your post put a different perspective (ie: relax and enjoy) on it. Also, thank you very much for the link to the bus schedules. :)

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Follow janet's advice, take the 9:50 am Blue Star Naxos.

Arriving at 3 p.m. in Piraeus you can be at the bus terminal and take the 5:30 p.m. bus without stress.

With the Seajets, you will pay 30€ more than the Blue star and you have 9 out of 10 chances of missing the 5:30 p.m. bus.

Also, Seajets ferries from Naxos arrive in Piraeus at Gate 9 which is quite far from the metro station.

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Another vote for taking the Blur Star ferry from Naxos to Piraeus. We did this a few days ago and loved it. Very relaxing, easy ride!

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There's always the option of a transfer straight from the port to Nafplio.

Obviously it will cost more but it's hassle free, relaxing and door to door service

I've used the transfer service to get to Nafplio but from the airport. It's very reliable and trustworthy.

Nothing wrong with a bus which I've taken from Athens but had far more time.

Just depends on your budget, convenience and time frame.