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Gazi neighborhood in Athens - how is it?

Hi community - does anyone have recent insights on the Gazi neighborhood in Athens? I've searched the forum, and the mentions are mostly several years old and refer to the area as "scruffy". I've read some info on other forums that suggests it's nicer now, but would appreciate any insights from this group.

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Mike Barrett’s has an interesting article about the neighbourhood with info on eateries, accommodation etc. For me I would maybe interested in seeing as a day visit but not staying there….

I think a lot of Athens can be described as scruffy but as Greece slowly recovers from its long recession it is slowly being cleaned up. I enjoy visiting the city and of course the sites, museums and cafe culture and food are second to none. I like to stay in the area around the Acropolis.

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the sites, museums and cafe culture and food are second to none.

You got that right. If I had another day I would have loved scrolling through Gazi during the day. However, I would not go into Gazi if there was a demonstration.

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I walked around the Gazi district again 15 days ago (the previous time was 5 years ago), Like other Athens districts (Mets, Pangratti), the district is slowly gentrifying specialy since the Gas Museum and Technopolis opened .

Coco-Mat, the high-end organic mattress manufacturer, has even opened a restaurant bar "The Place" where you can also rent wooden bikes! I went there 2 weeks ago, it's not my favorite place to have a drink, too boho chic...

Some pictures of the neighborhood:

That said, there are still many activities specializing in cars (spare parts, repairs) and more or less abandoned industrial warehouses.
The wall taggers compete with those of the Exarchia district and the rock concert halls are still there.