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Footsteps of Paul Tours

Does Greece Tourism offer any tours that go where the Apostle Paul traveled that we could include in our trip to Greece?

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Ruth you have a computer, right? You know that you can go to and put in a phrase and get a huuuge long list of relevant websites. Why not do that yourself, since we would have to do t he same??? (Most of the people inquiring on these forums are not interested in such tours, so you will not get many answers based on experience).

OK, I just did it for you, and there's a long list.... many of them are "private tours" and would be prohibitively expensive. even the group tours are costly because they attempt to cover all the signts on the mainland, and then go to Patmos & Ephesus. and range from 8 to 13 days. Here's a website with "Christian tours" of varying lengths -- from a halfday in Athens, to a 1-day tour that includes Corinth, and a 5-day tour... However when u read the small print -- none of them include a licensed guide. just a bus driver. And believe me, if you go to Corinth without a guide, it's just a pile of stones... the other places too.

I think you are a "babe in the woods" on this... here's what I see as y our best bet:
• Look at some of the lists of Pauline sites, & decide which are important for you to see
• Decide how much you can spend on a a "Christian tour" that would have some kind of guide
• Then e-mail a GREECE-BASED travel agency -- there are several that are very well-reviewed about planning trips entirely by e-mail for people from US/Canada - Dolphin-Hellas, And Fantasy Travel. THEY are the ones likeliest to know what tours will suit ou... and also, if anything goes awry, it's good to have a Greece-based agency to solve problems immediately.
• Write them both about your wishes -- including important specifics such as • desired length of Christian-trip if separate from an already-planned trip • your budget for being in a small-group tour of that length. AND - your tenetive Greece-trip dates.
• See what responses you get & how fast from each... and then decide.

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Ruth, I’ve got some friends who are on this tour right now, I think. They were going in Sept but not sure of the dates.

They were on a Rick Steves tour with me a few years ago and he posts here occasionally. If the tour looks interesting to you, I can email him and ask that he post or PM you. It might be more than you are looking for if what you want are day trips?

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Very , Very helpful information. I have tried to google put kept getting expensive tour groups. The information sent will be helpful in moving forward. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the input you took the time to write to help a fellow traveler. Now I at least have a starting point to continue the search. Our plan is to visit in March/April 2020.

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Ruthie, explore We are actually leaving next week to follow Paul’s journey through Greece.