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Food and drink in Athens

I enjoyed this podcast about food and drink in Athens. There’s quite a bit which is just general background about Greek food.


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We just got back from Athens a few weeks ago....our absolute favorite was souvlaki! Two gyros, a beer and fizzy water for 10e. Delicious and cheap and readily available!

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We enjoyed the food in Athens. We did find a certain sameness about it. There are 10 dishes, and everyone makes them. Not many beyond the 10.

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"We did find a certain sameness about it."

I'd agree with this. We went to Greece fr the first time early last month, and the food was nearly always excellent and very good value - but by the end of our week there, we were desperately looking on the menu for something different.

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I can never complain about Greek food. Every place I have been in Greece, or every Greek restaurant outside of Greece has been delicious, more then expected and always a good price too. I am vegetarian, so I can't say I like gyros or souvalki, but Greek food has the best vegetarian meals. I usually get the Greek salad, pita bread, saganaki cheese, tzatziki, roasted vegetables, stuffed vine leaves with rice, and all those dishes are mainly side dishes or appetizers. But, it's plenty of food for me, and I always get full from just two or three appetizers. No main course :)

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One of the best reasons to go to Greece is Greek Food! Surprised that some mention there is not much variety. If you avoid the more touristy tavernas and find the small local tavernas you'll find much more variety and quality.

Prices are exceptionally good, far lower than anything in the US.

One neat thing is to ask to see what's available and most tavernas will take you to the kitchen or serving area to see what's there. You can even improvise and get a little of this and a little of that rather than a set menu.

Local House Wine is very good and far less expensive than the fancy stuff.

Obviously one can spend a lot of money going out to eat . . . but not in Greece.

Check out my photos of various dishes and tavernas, including Athens, I've eaten at when traveling to Greece:

The only issue I have is that Greece really needs to start enforcing it's Non-Smoking Laws!!!

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Alan: I saw the article. Hopefully it's a start . . . but it's only a start. There is still a long way to go about smoking in public places.

Until Greece gets serious about enforcing smoking laws Greece will suffer high health care costs, Greeks suffering smoking related illnesses and death and many non-smokers thinking twice about dining in places that don't enforce laws.

Check out this:

I love Greek Food but there's nothing worse than starting to eat when a smoker lights up!

I always try to eat at outdoor seating to at least eliminate some of the smoke wafting towards me.