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Fly or ferry to Naxos from Athens?

I’m trying to compare costs between flights and ferry . I can find the cost on Olympic but I guess Blue Star doesn’t post trips this far in advance. Any idea how much the slow ferry costs in May?

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Piraeus → Naxos in May with Blue Star ferries: 51.50€ in economy. (travel time 5h20)

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My husband and I spent a wonderful week in Naxos last spring before the tourist season began.

We chose to fly to Naxos from Athens. I don't remember the cost, but it was reasonable. IMHO flying is more time efficient and reliable. Taking a ferry requires time and the ferries can be canceled due to rough seas. We didn't want to chance a canceled ferry.

Naxo is a great island to explore. I highly recommend renting a car.


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FLY- I travel to Greece every summer. If you have time to kill, and you don't mind the crowds then try the ferry. I personally suggest flying for those who are in Greece for a limited time. FYI-If you ever go to Crete, take the 10 pm ferry, book a cabin and arrive refreshed at around 6 am the next day. I love Crete and Santorini. Have a wonderful journey!!
Maria G.

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Thank you so very much for your kind responses. I guess we will fly since we have such limited time. I also plan to rent a car. So glad to see automatics are available.

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IF renting an automatic on Naxos, do NOT dither... pllan in advaance... automatics are scarce, and sell out ahead of time.

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My recommendation is to fly. It's an easy journey, and you don't have to worry about the ferry being canceled for either rough seas or a strike. Scrambling to find a flight if the ferry is canceled is not enjoyable.