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Flight time to Santorini on final day of RS Tour

We are planning to fly on to Santorini on the last day of the RS Tour in September. The itinerary says the tour is over after breakfast. What time would we be safe scheduling our flight to Santorini? Thank you!

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What time would we be safe scheduling our flight to Santorini?

I'm not sure what you're asking. One: When to book, or Two: What time of day after breakfast? If one, book soon. If two, it takes about 75 minutes to reach the airport from the cruise ship dock in Athens. If you've managed to print out your boarding passes in advance while still on the ship (up to 48 hours in advance of departure) all you have to do a the airport is check your bags and go find your departure gate. Give yourselves at least 1.5 hours to accomplish this, added to the 75 minute travel time.

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Jude, all the RS tours say this same thing about the last day. What it really means is that the tour concludes the evening before that, often with a farewell group dinner. The tour then includes that night in the hotel, and breakfast when you want it. There is no group activity in the morning. So you can leave as early as you like, although if that is before the breakfast hour, you may miss out on breakfast. Some hotels will even prepare a "to go" bag if you discuss it with them. By the way, I am doing the same thing after the RS Greece Tour in June. I have a flight to Santorini on Hahn Air at 12:15 pm, to take any pressure off. There was a real bargain fare at 5:45 am, but I had no interest in getting up and out in the middle of the night to catch that one, which would even arrive before anything was open in Santorini. That flight must be for hotel and restaurant staff who don't or can't afford to live on Santorini.

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Larry, thanks for your reply.... it is really helpful. With a 12:15 pm flight time, how much time are you building in to get from your Athens Hotel to the airport to make your flight time? Also, how long are you planning to be on Santorini and What sights are on your list to see? Are you renting a car? We are just beginning to develop a sightseeing plan. Thanks in advance for sharing....