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Flight from Naxos to Athens

I am looking for a flight from Naxos to Athens airport on the 16th of September.
The flight from Athens to Australia leaves at 11.30 pm & I am thinking of booking a flight from Naxos with Sky Express Airlines.
Is this a reliable airline? Is it safe to make the flight on the same day, the flight gets to Athens at 18.30 all going well..
Thank you
Thank you all for your advice, I am now traveling the day before I fly out from Athens.

Pam :)

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I will be in the Greek islands at the same time but we opted to head back to Athens a day early and get a hotel in the Plaka because you never know about things like bad weather or mechanical problems that would make you miss your flight to Australian and another ticket purchase would be quite expensive at the last minute. Just my 2 cents, take it for what it's worth.

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On one of our trips to Naxos our return flight to Athens was delayed by 3 hours, mechanical problems. There were Australians,Brits, French South African and Americans having fits because they missed their connecting flight home.
Experienced travellers often recommend you be in Athens the day before your return flight home.

Naxos is connected to Athens by Olympic and Sky Express. We have used both. They both fly the same aircraft 48 seat ATR's. I have no hesitation booking the one that has the best time and price.

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Last May we flew from Naxos to Athens on Olympic Airlines. Our flight departed Naxos an hour later than scheduled because it arrived in Naxos late. So I agree with the others that you should be in Athens the night before your flight home.

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It's never a good idea to attempt a return to Athens on the same day as your flight home. Savvy travelers always know to return to the mainland the day before to avoid any unforeseen problems caused by mechanical breakdowns, strikes or bad weather.

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The real question is what happens if all does not go well? Are you willing to live with the results of a delayed or canceled flight? I personally would not want to be worrying about a flight being on time. The night before a flight home is always spent in our departure city, just to have peace of mind.

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This is why it is always preferable to keep Athens at the end of the stay.

In September, there may be periods of very bad weather preventing ferries from navigating and planes to take off towards / from the islands.

By spending 2 or 3 nights in Athens after returning from the islands, especially from an island like Naxos with a small domestic airport, you don't have to worry about a missed flight to return home.

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Thanks everyone for your help. I have booked a flight for the day prior to departure.
I now need budget accommodation in Athens, any ideas for not too far from the airport or does it not matter much price-wise.
thank you?

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For hotels close to airport, we found Peri's Hotel which is very close or Avra which is in Rafina about 20 minutes Both claim free shuttles to and from airport. We chose Avra. I think Peri's is a bit cheaper but both were reasonable. Haven't stayed yet but will do so in a few days. Can post how it went. We will not use shuttle as we have a rental. Google them for details.

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I agree with MA. Both Peris and Avra have good reputations and we have stayed at both. If we arrive Athens the day before our flight during the day and we need to put in time we will stay at Avra. Its right in the central area of Rafina and there is lots to do and see. The central square near the port is just a 3 minute stroll away with lots of local activites and tavernas.

On the other hand if we arrive in Athens later in the day or in the evening and just need a place to crash then Peris is a great option and its cheaper and closer to the airport.

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We completed our Avra Hotel stay a day ago.
We had a nice room with a very nice view of the Port and beach . I highly recommend the view rooms since many of the others face the street. When we were there some construction
was happening on nearby streets and there was a lot of traffic on the street facing those rooms. I'm not sure if the traffic is this way or not without the construction. I would stay again if I needed an overnight near the airport. The beds were good too.

Re: Sky Express: We took that from Athens to London yesterday and they were very well organized with check in and bag drop, left on time, and bags came very quickly. Super!