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First time in Greece

We are traveling to Greece in April, the week before Easter. We will have approximately 9 full days in the city/islands, excluding travel days from US to Athens and back.

We are travelling with 2 kids, 9 and 10. Our tentative itinerary: fly to Crete from Athens on day 1 and spend 3 days in Crete, then head to Santorini for 3 days then to Mykonos for 3 days and then back in Athens the day before Easter to visit the museums, etc.

Is this a reasonable itinerary and reasonable order of visiting the islands? Should we replace Mykonos with Naxos? Since it is our first time, tips on getting around the islands would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

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If it were me I'd eliminate Mykonos. It's less for families and more for couples and singles. Naxos or Paros would be a much better fit.

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Crete is a large island, and spending a little more time to see different sides of it could give you as much variety as visiting a different island.

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I'm sure that you are aware that Easter is a very big holiday in Greece, and that the Orthodox Church doesn't always celebrate it at the same time as the Catholic Church. In 2015, Easter weekend in Greece is April 10-13, a week after Catholic/Protestant Easter. You should be aware that many museums and top sights might be closed Easter weekend (Friday-Monday). Also, a lot of Greeks are traveling at this time. Be sure to get your reservations early and that the places you want to see will be open.

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I'd also suggest skipping one of the destinations, and agree that Mykonos is the best one to skip. With only a very short nine days, it's important to consider the transportation time between locations as well.

Crete is a huge island, and with only three days you won't have much time to see anything, and you'll probably have to rent a car. If you will be renting a car, be sure that each driver has the compulsory International Driver's Permit. You might consider also dropping Crete and arrange the route somewhat like this....

  • Flight to Athens
  • Connect with flight to Santorini - 3 nights
  • Ferry to Naxos - 3 nights
  • Ferry to Athens - 3 nights

Each of the Ferry trips takes several hours, perhaps four hours each (I can't remember the exact time).