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Final Itinerary?

Hi everyone. This group has been so helpful in the planning of my dream trip to Greece for our 30th anniversary. I had it completely planned for May 2021 but decided to move it to 2022. We will be flying from the US and will be in Greece the last week of May and first week of June. In recent months, I've decided to add Milos to our itinerary and would appreciate any insight or tips on the order I have planned. To add it I had to subtract a day from Paros and one from Athens. On the one hand I don't want to feel rushed but on the other hand, Milos seems to be calling me! LOL. I've done a lot of research and I'm confident that these locations are a good fit for our interests and our first and hopefully not last trip but I do want to be certain it's not too much and that I'm not missing something in the plan. We are healthy, active, early 50's, love to travel, eat amazing food, enjoy live music, relax on the beach, and see historical and beautiful sites. Thanks in advance for any tips, suggestions, or validation.
Day 1: Fly from US
Day 2: arrive Santorini
Day 2-5 (3 nights): Santorini
Day 5: Ferry to Paros
Day 5-9 (4 nights): Paros
Day 9: Ferry to Milos
Day 9-12 (3 nights) Milos
Day 12: Fly to Athens
Day 12-15 (3 nights) Athens (including a half day Cape Sounion sunset tour)
Day 16- fly home

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We were in Greece the summer of 2019 and visited all the places in your itinerary except visited Naxos instead of Paros. We went to Naxos first, ferry to Santorini, ferry to Milos, flight to Athens. My only suggestion is to cut down a night in Santorini and add it to another of your stops. This may not be a popular opinion but we felt that while the view of the Santorini caldera was a wow, the rest of the island felt over touristed and was mobbed with instagrammers (there is an industry in Santorini of photographers and stylists who will dress/style you and take you all over the island for photo shoots.) I'm not sure if things are quieter post Covid. We met the fewest Greeks and had lackluster food on this island. It was also significantly more expensive. My suggestion is to stay 2 nights and splurge on a caldera view hotel room (we stayed in Imerovigli) to avoid the sunset mass of humanity in Oia or Fira. Spend your free day on a hike to Oia (early to avoid the crowds) or a day trip to Akrotiri and move on to the next island. You will have gorgeous views and a more Greek experience on Milos and Paros.

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In April of 2016 we spent 3 nights in Oia and rented a car so we could explore the island. Could have used a 4th night. On the same trip we spent 3 nights/3 days in central Athens and one night in Piraeus and that was about right.

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This looks like a good plan to me.

I would leave the three nights with Santorini. You are traveling from U.S. which means you are jet lagged. That only gives you two days really as you are leaving on Ferry next day. We did exactly that and it was perfect.

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Since you will be jet lagged when arriving in Santorini three nights is Ok. Otherwise I would recommend only two nights as Santorini was our least favorite place in Greece.