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Ferry from Rhoades to Crete

Wanted to get some feedback about whether we should take a ferry from Rhoades to Crete or take a flight. What island is closest to Athens, Crete or Rhoades. We have committed to visiting these islands this trip.

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This is a link to a pretty good map of the Greek islands, along with information about them:

Search for ferries at: When you look at your results there is a map below that shows the route from island to island.

One of the options for finding flights is Aegean Airlines at My research so far has been that to get from one island to another by air, you have to go back to Athens, but I didn't try Rhodes. It might be different. I know you can fly into and out of Chania and Heraklion on Crete, and Santorini but in all cases it requires going to Athens first.

We are planning a trip for the fall and the last time I looked, schedules for both ferries and flights were not yet firm for the time we are going. I was told they would be soon. That may affect your research depending on when you are planning to go.

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Lo's response is good. Those are the same resources we would have given as well. If Aegean air doesn't work you can also try Olympic Air.

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i flew from crete to Rhodes a few years ago, can't remember it's Olympic or Aegean, you might also look up cypress air. i recall i flew with them in the area before also. you can take ferry from/to santorini to/from crete, it's a very close and calm ride, but from crete to rhode is not too close.