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Ferry from Mykonos to Athens

Traveling from Mykonos to spend several days in Athens there are two ferry options. One goes from Mykonos to Piraeus and the other from Mykonos to Rafina. Which is the better option.

How best to get to our hotel near Monastiraki from either location. There are 4 of us and we are in our 60s. We have a comfortable budget but are also quite thrifty. We are fine with public transportation but dont want to drag our luggage up 4 flights of subway stairs.

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VESSELS -- I would recommend taking a CAR FERRY (conventional large ferry (1200-1600 psgr capacity, often 1/3 full offseason); these have several passenger decks + a vehicle deck, cafes, corridors, like a small ship really. The other option is a Catamaran. a bit faster but resrved economy seats about 2x as expensive. Some have vehicle decks but carry 400-500 psgr all-resrved seats , no outside deck to walk on, no corridors... and for a 4.5+ hour journey its confining. PLUS in October, winds can make these 'rocky"

PORT of RAFINA -- Look at a Map. IF your destination is Monastiraki, Rafina can take much longer. Either a city bus from Port (with a gajillion stops) or a bus to Airport (infrequent, 40 minutes) and from there you STILL have to reach Athens. options are:

(1) taxi flat rate €38 div by 4 = not bad,

(2) Car Service Welcome Pickups - €38-42 -
(3) X95 Express BUS to Central ATH, €6 each, no pickpocket hazard, I usually take this one ... BUT terminates @ Syntagma Square & you'd have to roll your bags at least 8 blocks to Monastiraki Square and it's a hike I can attest.

(4) METRO -- €8 ?each -- This Goes from Airport to Monastiraki ... BUT -- With a bunch of luggage and unfamiliarity with public transit (unless u are subway vets from NY, Chi, Philly, and I'm guessing not) Beware!.... these lines are targeted by skilled pickpockets (mainly Albanians) who jostle & bump tourists unused to crowded trains & theft occurs during confusion. At Monastiraki there's an escalator up from underground -- but that escalator is where my friend had his billfold lifted from his pants pocket where he was foolishly keeping it (btw 75% of pickpocket victms are men who persist in keeping valuables in pockets).


(1) METRO - Mykonos Pier only 200 yards from GREEN LINE, €2 ? each -- stops at Monastiraki station which would be a short walk to your hotel BUT see above pickpocket warnings
(2) TAXI - No flat-fee but €25 should be ample; don't try to hail on street, get one AT pier line & ascertain fare before entering.
(3) CAR SERVICE - Welcome Pickups is well-reviewed, --can be booked before trip or via phone/email during trip -- pre-set fare i n advance; should not be more than than €40 I am sure.

So... my recommend would be a conventional Ferry to PIREAUS (there's one @ 8 am & about ? 2:30pm? -- and your transport from there depends on your budgeteering impulses and Metro bravado.

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Thank you so much. We will take the car ferry to Piraeus and a taxi to Athens.