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Ferries / luggage / Santorini - Naxos - Paros - Mykonos

I have read many posts regarding the ferries, and I'm still confused. We will be travelling with Carry-on luggage only and I'd very much like to keep it with me as opposed to leave it on the "racks" or "in a mess on the floor". We are only doing short hops (in July with crowds and winds) If I purchase VIP tickets will I be able to keep my carry-on luggae with me? Only on certain ferries? Which ones please? All ferries except the Biggest/slowest? Are only certain ones? Thank you very much!

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You can keep it with you. The racks are not mandatory. They are for those who prefer not to have to deal with their bags during the trip.

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Oh thank you Lee! I thought I had read the racks were mandatory on some of the ferries. Would be great not to have to worry and search for them for such short rides.

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You can bring carry-on luggage with you although theoretically a crew member can ask you not to take it on the deck.
That said, it is at your own risk and you will need to keep an eye on your luggage at all times.

On the small Seajets which only carry passengers (no cars) Super Jet, Super Jet 2, Express Jet, you will take your baggage with you in the cabin anyway but there are racks provided for storing the baggage. The aircraft-style seat configuration does not allow you to keep your luggage with you.