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ferries - islands

I am very confused. I need to go from Mykonos (where our plane lands) to Tinos on the one evening ferry. No car. September 19, 2015. I am hesitant to pre-buy the tickets because we don't know if the plane will be on time. Do you think this is a problem just getting tickets when we arrive or should we book ahead?
As well, we are very specific about dates from Tinos to Santorini, and then Santorini to Mykonos. Again, would it be okay to book when we get to Greece? late Sept.
Thanks so much for your help.

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If you're trying for the Fast Ferries "Andros" at 4pm it's huge and you can just wait until you're there to buy your tickets. It won't be full. Same goes for the other 'hops' as well.

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Yassas !
You will be fine buying day of tickets; the ferries are massive and the crowds have thinned at this time.
Have a great trip!