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feedback on my santorini itinerary

I will be in Santorini arriving 8:15 pm on August 18th by plane and departing August 20th at 3:30 pm by ferry to Naxos. So I have a day and a half in Santorini staying at Homeric Poems in Firostefani. We are a family of four (two 11 yrs old who have been studying Greece this past year at school). I've done a bunch of research and this is what I've come up with.

Day One: Rent a car for the day. Through the hotel? They say it's 45 euros whether it's for the day or a couple of hours.
-Drive to Akrotiri. Hire tour guide onsite. My understanding is it's about 10 euros per person
-Red Beach
-Exo Gonia
-Lunch. Open to recommendations
-Kamari and Ancient Thira
-Stop at a winery on the way back to Fira. Recommendations?
-Dinner near hotel in Fira or Firostefani. Recommendations?
-Watch Sunset from our balcony

Day Two
-Hike from Fira to Oia (3-4 hrs)
-Lunch Amoudi Bay. Recommendations?
-Taxi back. Pick up luggage at hotel. Get to ferry. Walk or taxi?
-leave to catch 3:30 pm ferry to Naxos. Should I buy my tickets in advance??

I'd actually like to do the hike on the first day but I can't figure out how to work it. As for restaurant recommendations, we love seafood and want to experience traditional greek food in a good atmosphere (i.e.. views, etc.). Willing to pay for it but the best isn't always the most expensive so would love to hear any recommendations. Thank you!

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My 3-days in Santorini are some of the most memorable days spent anywhere at any time! We had opted to use the buses upon arrival, but since you are obligated to time lines and routes, on days 2 and 3 we decided to rent quads, which was awesome and allowed us freedom of movement to go all over the island - and we literally did just that. We had no game place whatsoever and went where the wind took us. I am looking at Google maps and trying to figure it out based on location and street views.

We stayed in Perissa and that beach is amazing! There is a place there called The Beach Bar that we really enjoyed.
The place were we rented our quads suggested Dimitris down south at Vlichada. The best mousaka I ever had! I am allergic to shellfish, but my sister had something that looked rather good and it's on a small harbor, so I figure shellfish might be their specialty.
On the way back from the lighthouse at Akrotiri, we stopped at a "tavern" in Akrotiri Village that I think (THINK!!) was called either Theofanis Tavern or Aelos Tavern. The food was awesome, but the views were absolutely spectacular. You can see the entire basin, the rocky islands in the middle, and the far away twinkling lights of Fira and Oia and all the infinity pools in between! At one point the electricity went out in the entire, area, and we felt like we were suspended in a black hole. It was amazing!!!

There is a gallery called Art Space that has all of its paintings/sculptures kept in the old wine caves. I was hesitant as I am claustrophobic, but it's actually very bright and entertaining spaces. The kids would love it. The museum itself is free, and there is a winery attached. You can sample various things and buy what you like. We stopped there enroute to Kamari, so if you are heading back from Kamari, it makes a great stop, although there is a closing time.

If you go to Red Beach early enough, I think there is a small boat that connects all those beaches out of the way (Red and White). But if you arrive later (or leave after the last ferry), you have to trek to Red Beach, as we did. Now, I am no hiker, but the trek to Red Beach is along a narrow path over little cliffs and around big rocks, and it takes quite a few minutes, so to me it was a hike. Therefore, I feel like walking to Red Beach and hiking go hand in hand. You can kill two birds with one stone in that case.

Everything I ate and everywhere I went was great and I have zero complaints about anything. So even if you end up not getting the recommendations you were looking for, you can't go wrong!