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Favorites in Athens

First, I have to say how much I love this forum. I've used it to plan many trips to Europe. We are a family of 5 adults 18-55, spending 3 nights in Athens (then 2 weeks in the Peloponnese) and staying in the Koukaki neighborhood on Veikou Street. I would love to know your favorite restaurants/cafes/bakeries and sights you loved. Thank you for all the great advice!

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My favorite sights in Athens are the Ancient Agora and the National Archaeology Museum. There are several more but you don't have a lot of time. The RS city walk is also very good. ManiMani is an excellent restaurant - RS uses it for their farewell dinners. It's reasonably priced. I don't know where on Veikou you are, but it's on Falirou which runs parallel to Veikou. For a light meal, the rooftop restaurant of the Acropolis Museum (museum entry not necessary) is good and has a great view.

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A favorite little eating place we found is TO KATI ALLO just west of where Veikou St. intersects Chatzichristou St. on the south side of the Acropolis Museum location.

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We ate at To Kati Allo, as has probably everyone who has read Rick Steve's books. It was, for us ... fine.

We had more enjoyable experiences (a) at any of the restaurants on the Mniskleous Steps (north slope of Acropolis, toward Monastiraki); and (b) ouzo and mezzes at around 5:00 at a place called Scholario on Tripodon in the Plaka.

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I really liked visiting the old Olympic stadium, the Panathenaic Stadium. The 1896 Olympics were held there and it was used for the marathon recently and is still used for concerts (the track is not to modern standards). You can get in for 5 Euros w/audio guide, sit on the marble steps, climb up and down, run on the track, and there's a small museum underneath the stands with some Olympic memorabilia.

I don't have any specific names of restaurants, but I enjoyed the Psyri neighborhood. If anyone is a cocktail aficionado, The Clumsies has world-class mixology (admittedly expensive) and six d.o.g.s. is a neat cafe for lunch that turns into a nightclub at night (the younger people in the party might like).

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Some of my favorite areas in Athens is Athinas St. where the Central Markets are located. Quite an experience if you haven't been to a major market anywhere. In addition there are several streets off Athinas where you'll find numerous small shops filled with local products, goodies, herb/spice shops, and probably shops you don't have back home.

A good area for walking around and eating is Psiri District located a street behind Athinas St.

A lovely area to explore is Anafiotika on the north side of the Acropolis. It looks exactly like white-washed village you would find on one of the Cyclades islands with it's narrow lanes, colorful trim, views and a place to get away from wild and crazy Athens.

The Kerimikos Cemetery is one the nicest and most overlooked of Athen's archeological sites.

As far as where to eat you'll be overwhelmed with choices.

A couple of my favorites (plus many others) are Epirus Taverna and Ouzeri Karayiannis in the Central Markets where few tourists go but is popular with locals.

Check out my photos of the numerous meals I've had not only in Athens but all over Greece. Hover your curser over a photo to get a captain.

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BoBo Wine Bar
I've been to Athens a few times, but never to a place quite like this. It's the kind of place that could appeal to anyone at all - romantic for couples, comfortable for a solo traveller, friends, families, locals and tourists. With the comparative noise and bustle of many central Athens spots, this is just a cool place to relax and sample Greek wine.

Try their souvlaki, they have some special ones with kontosouvli chicken inside, it's really tasty!
Great place and great food for a good price.

Mani Mani
We loved this restaurant we went back a 2nd time! This lovely gem of a restaurant is a must for anyone who wants to try traditional Greek cuisine that's not on a typical tourist menu. I had the rooster and it was one of the best meals I've had in Greece, and that is saying a lot given all the delicious food that can be found here. The food was sublime.

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Psitopolio Kosmikon Restaurant in the Plaka. Acropolis and related museum, Central Market, Archaeological Museum, Agora, and just wander around the tourist area surrounding the Acropolis. We visited in 2016 and have an upcoming return trip in May. Enjoy!