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Family Restaurant in Hydra

We use Rick's materials when traveling throughout Europe. Three years ago, while touring Greece, we met a family in Hydra that Rick had recommended. They had a small restaurant at the top of the hill from the main port. He, an older gentleman, had worked in restaurants in New York for years, then returned to Hydra when he inherited the restaurant from a family member. He now runs it with another family member, serving up something unique and special each day.

While my wife and I were hiking around the area, we looked up their location. Even though it was the middle of the day, hours before dinner, the man was working in his yard and invited us into his home to share some Ouzo and wonderful conversation. It really brought home to us the warmth of the Greek people and their tradition for hospitality to guests.

If anyone has a phone number or address for this establishment, I would very much appreciate it if you would pass it along here. Our Greek friends are in a time of desparate need. I'd like to reach out to them to see if there is anything that I can do to help.

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I think that you are referring to the Taverna Leonidas. I have fond memories from my visit 6 years ago.
I looked in my guidebook, and while Rick says to call in the morning to make a reservation and discuss the menu, there is no phone number listed. I would recommend calling the RS office and asking them for contact info. If they are unwilling to provide it, perhaps they would be willing to forward a message to the family from you which would allow them to get back to you directly.
Or perhaps a more recent edition of the book would have a phone number.

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If it is Taverna Leonidas, a Google search gives the phone number: (22980) 53097.

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mscarton, the best info I can find isn't too promising :-( It was apparently closed in 2012 due to illness, re-opened but only cooked-to-order (booked in advance), then was closed again by Oct 2013. Someone mentioned it was still closed in 2014...

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Thank you all for your kind and quick replies. Yes, that was in fact the place. I'll be following up to find out if all is well and if there is anything that I can do. The owner was so very kind, it hurts me to think that they may be in distress.

Again, my deepest thanks. The Rick Steves community is the best!

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That is the place you're seeking and you are so right about the warmth and hospitality of the Greek people. If you find out any further information about this family, would you please post it here? I, too, have wonderful and fond memories of eating dinner here-an memorable event more than a meal. We were made to feel so special and so welcome. I remember him being a huge NY Giants/Jets (?) fan!

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We are in the middle of a 3 night stay in Hydra."......what an idyllic place. There are cafes everywhere. An ex pat we met told us his favorite restaurant was Piato. It's on the waterfront next to the bell tower, white tables and blue clothes. Everything was just a little different. The house salad had malnourished cheese not feta. Our waitress said it is better than feta--- it is completely different and amazing stuffed tomatoes,octopus, fried fish --- all different and amazing--- we eat our third dinner there tomorrow

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we were in hydra a couple of weeks ago and called taverna leonidas to make a reservation a day in advance as suggested in rick's book (phone number listed in book is 22980-53097) . leonidas answered the phone and told us that they are no longer open due to his wife being ill. but when he heard that we read about him in rick's book, he said "oh my friend rick! he is from seattle! you please come for a drink and a look around! maybe at 5 or 6?" we said that would be lovely! we ended up being in his neighborhood trying to make sure we knew how to find his place much earlier in the day (maybe 2:00) and he heard us outside saying "do you think that's the green door in the white wall?" and he opened up the door and said "come in friends!" he gave us the most delicious ouzo (didn't really know that was possible), he showed us the restaurant which is really like a museum, talked about the history of the place, and about his time in the u.s. his wife did make an appearance... he said she had a stroke, and also suffers from diabetes, so it is too difficult to run a restaurant anymore. i believe he really misses meeting and talking with travelers from all over and that he was happy that we called him. it was definitely the highlight of our day meeting him and i think it may have been mutual. we wrote down his address to send a thank you card: #60 miaouli street hydra, greece 18040 (at least we hope mail will be delivered to that address). i'm sure he would enjoy hearing from other travelers as well.