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Express Bus E96 from Athens Airport to Piraeus Ferry Terminal

We land at Athens International at 9:20 and head straight to Piraeus to catch a ferry to Hydra (Terminal E8).

My natural instinct is to take the cheapest option, which is the EUR 6 express bus X96. Question for this route is: I can't seem to find two websites that show the same route for this bus, and I'm not sure it will put us within easy walking distance (with backpacks) of Terminal E8. Does anyone know for sure?

Option 2 would be the Metro, but that certainly doesn't get us any closer to the Terminal than the bus does, costs more (EUR 9), and requires a connection in downtown Athens. Probably not the best option, unless someone has other thoughts.

Options 3 and 4 are Taxi or Uber, which are obviously the most convenient, dropping us right where we want to be, but costing EUR 38-55.

Has anyone done this connection before and has any advice on the best way to do it?

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I can't tell you how long the walk will be from the bus and Metro stops to Terminal 8 but it's not far at all, maybe 500 meters at most. The airport express bus is the way to go. It takes a little more than an hour so plan accordingly.

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We done the train/metro. The connection is easy to do in Athens. As I remember the end of line is about half mile from the ferry terminal. Not familiar with the bus schedule.

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The X96 is your best bet. The stop you want is called NAT and is just as the bus reaches the harbour. The stop is more or less on the corner of Akti Poseidon, which runs round the harbour, and Ippokratous which is a small side street.

If you check this corner on Google maps you’ll see it’s very close - about 5 minutes tops - from Gate E8. If you are planning to get a Flying Dolphin they depart half way between the bus stop and E8 and there is a kiosk on the harbour which sells tickets.


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Instead of the X96 bus, we took the new Proastiakos direct rail service from airport to Piraeus. Totally easy, comfortable and only EUR 10.