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Expected to Bargain When Shopping ??

I know in some countries, it's expected of you to try to bargain when shopping to try to get better prices. That some vendors even enjoy the 'game' However, not to be offensive, I try to find if this is customary in each country I visit. So, what's the custom in Greece, both in Shops and on the street? Pay the price, or try to get a better/lower one?

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Bargaining is done in locally-owned stores and for common souvenirs, since they know you could buy the same somewhere else. In touristy places, touts stand outside many stores and restaurants to call you in, and they may promise you deals right up front, especially if you happen to come from the American/Canadian/Australian city where they used to live or their cousin currently lives. You can also ask if they have a discount for paying cash.

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To bargain with finesse and respect for the vendor I think you'd need to speak Greek, but maybe you do.

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I am going to key on the word "expected" and say "no". You certainly can do it, but it's not part of the game the way it is in some cultures.

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I have been to Greece 7 times and I have never come across bartering, but it is commonplace in Turkey. Try it on the streets but not in shops as you may cause offence.

Bartering is more of a Muslim tradition.