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Electric converter/adaptor for Greece and Italy

We are traveling to Greece and Italy soon. I am a little confused about what kind of adaptors to get to charge our iPhones and and curling iron. I know the voltage is different there, do I need to buy one of those bulky converters? Also, some of the converters I have looked at online say they cannot be used with a curling iron. So, do we need a separate converter for the phone and the iron?? We are using backpacks only so if anyone has suggestions on what to buy that works well and isn’t huge to carry, I would greatly appreciate it:) I will need to be buying 3, so my daughters each have one.
Thank you in advance!

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The 2 prong adapter will be the same in both Italy and Greece. Your iPhone already has the converter to get you 110 from their 220. The curling iron may need a converter, if it doesn't have the little box as part of its plug-in.

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  1. Plug in "adaptors and convertors" in the search window at the top of the page. You'll find many previous threads on the subject.

  2. Read Ricks tips about these in this article:

  3. Check all of your electronics (look on the nameplate on the charger, or in the manual), and all of your electrical appliances (hair dryer/curling iron) for the voltage requirements.

  4. If it says 110, then it's North American voltage only. DO NOT take it with you. This is likely the case with your hair appliances. Either go out and buy travel appliances that are dual voltage, or buy them when you get to Europe. Easier (and likely cheaper) than lugging a heavy convertor around with you ( and they can be VERY heavy).

  5. If it says 110-240, then it's dual voltage and all you need is a plug adaptor. Get more than the minimum number of adaptors you think you'll need. They're easily lost, and sometimes they loosen up so much they don't work properly. All of your electronics should be dual voltage (phones, tablets, cameras, laptops) if they're less than 10 years old.

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Your curling iron probably won’t work there but you can buy a dual voltage curling iron for far less than the cost of a converter. They’re widely available; just look around. And then you’ll need the plug adapter just like you’ll need for the phone. Those are really cheap. One thought — a lot of European outlets are inconveniently located — I got a plug adapter/charger for my iPhone with a longer cord. Doesn’t take much room and made it much easier to plug in my phone in s place where I could see it, since I was using it as an alarm.