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Easy to get a boat tour in Mykonos?

I'll be in Mykonos for one day in a few weeks and wonder how easy it would be to take a small boat tour on the spur of the moment. We are a family group of 5 including my mother who uses a wheelchair full time. We are hoping the ship will dock and allow us all to get off and explore, but if we have to tender my mother may have to stay on the ship. In that case, 4 of us might like to book a boat tour and explore the island or perhaps sail to Delos. For those who have been, how easy will it be to just walk up at the harbor and book or join a tour? Thank you

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If at all possible, do go to Delos. Amazing, amazing site. No wonder it's sometimes called the "Island of the Gods" or "The Birthplace of the Gods". You can usually take a ship excursion to Delos. That's what we did and it was well worth the price. I know they are more expensive, but the ship will wait for you if there is a delay getting back. On the other hand, if memory serves correctly, I saw some local ferries that will take you there and back for less money. Can't say for certain since we didn't use one. Try a google search and see what pops up. In Mykonos there is a little bar named "Rhapsody". If you can get a table on the balcony over the water the views are really great.

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When we were there last September (early in the month), there was a tour guide at the entrance of the archeological site at Delos offering a guided group tour for somewhere around 12 euros. Not sure if this tour is run all the time or just certain times. We passed on the tour because we were tired of paying things and had some printed resources to use but ended up regretting it - if I were to go again, I'd pay for a guided tour of Delos because I think it would come alive much more! Our small ferry from Naxos did not require us to tender - we just walked off the boat. However, I will say that you may want to check the weather report - the winds were blowing on the day we went which made for a very wild boat ride! Probably wouldn't go again on a windy day like that!

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If you are coming on a cruise ship, which it sounds like, your best choice to include your Mother MAY be to sign up for the Cruise ships own tour. I would advise you to contact ruise line directly and INSIST on getting details about this for wheelchair users!!. In Mykonos, the Cruise ships dock at a farther pier (because they are SO gigantic, the water isn't deep enough at the "old pier". ) You ARE able to get off the ship onto the Pier, not have to be tendered. If Mom decides to stay on the ship, you could go on a "regular" tour from a boat at the harbor .... but you might have to research online as to whether you can book ahead. Why??? Because your ship will probably have over 2,000 people pouring off, and they may fill up the small regular-tour vessels. That is (just one of) the problems of doing a cruise... the huge numbers on each Megaboat can really overwhelm an island. If you have a full day on an island, sometimes you can get away from the throng, but if it's just 4-5 hours, you're stuck with the crowd.

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