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Easter Sunday

We will be arriving in Athens late afternoon on 4/12/20, Easter Sunday - although not the Greek Orthodox Easter. Any suggestions on how to spend the balance of the day, or the best place to perhaps attend an Easter Service that evening? Will the museums be open that day? We will only be in Athens for 1.5 days, so want to make the most of our short time there.
Thank you.

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You may want to make a list of museums and sites you think you would like to viist. Then go on the museum or site website which will tell you if the site or museums hours are for that day or if they are closed. They may be open but hours are shorter or closed because of it being a Sunday or closed because of renovations or whatever the reason being. As for attending Easter service in the evening, look the churches close to your hotel and again look at the church website if they have one to see if you can locate a church for evening service and find the hours and where it is located and how to get there from your hotel.

If musuems and sites are closed due to it being a Sunday or Easter Sunday, then read the guide book and see what you can do that does not require entry into a museum or site. Where you can walk around and see Athens. Parks, walks, etc.

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The fact it’s non Orthodox Easter won’t make any difference. Museums will be open usual Sunday hours. So, for example, the Acropolis Museum is open until 8.

Assuming you don’t want an Orthodox service there is a Catholic Church on Panepistimiou and an Evangelical one on Vassillisis Amalias. Both are about five minutes walk from Syntagma Square which has a metro station.