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Easter in Athens

I'll be traveling to Athens during Easter weekend and would most appreciate any suggestions on things to do on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I was originally hoping to see the archaeological sites/museums all weekend but from several websites I looked at Friday and Sunday are public holidays, so I suspect they will be closed. I have my Greece guide book so I figured it'd be a good time to do lots of walking self-guided tours, but any suggestions on other things to do, and also places to get a traditional Greek Easter meal, would be most appreciated! (I did ask my hotel about the meal suggestions but would prefer local places, not touristy ones). Thanks!

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A very nice walk, with great views of the Acropolis, is up Filopappou. This is the next hill across from the Acropolis. We've written up our walk there. Details start about half way down the page.

Depending what else you are doing in Greece you might like a walk by the sea. A good bet for the Sunday is to walk around the headland in Piraeus. If you get the metro to Piraeus station you can get a 904 bus from just outside. Initially this passes the ferries, then turns inland, and then after about 15 minutes it hits the sea again. Get off at this point and carry on in the same direction. There are a number of pleasant coves, some with the ancient defensive walls still visible. There are also coffee bars and fish restaurants. These are less expensive than those in Micro Limani, the small scenic (but to my mind overdeveloped) harbour at the other end of Piraeus.

On the Sunday you will see Greeks out for a stroll along the coast here, especially if the weather is sunny. It's worth noting though that a lot of Athenians go back to there home villages for Easter and everywhere can be a bit quiet.

You ask about things to do on Friday and Sunday so I assume you have plans for Saturday. Do you know that there is a late mass and procession at the Cathedral on Saturday evening?

Our website also has some suggestions for less central and so more local restaurants. Ano Petralona, which is only a few minutes walk from the Acropolis, might be worth a look

Easter in Greece is lovely. Have a great time.