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Early April in Santorini?

I read that shops and stuff in Santorini open at some point in April and close at the end of October. Is it safe to go around April 3-5 or would things not likely be opening by then? I get the impression that things may not be open and it may be better to go to Hydra, which seems a little less sleepy. I can't adjust my travel dates, as I work in a school and have to go during scheduled school break. Thanks!

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"Things" start to get lively about a week before Greek Easter. Assuming you're thinking of April, 2025, Greek Easter Sunday is April 20, so it will still be quiet the first week of April but there will certainly be shops, cafes, galleries and restaurants open then, just not as many as later in the month. It will be most lively in the main village of Fira. The outer villages not so much.

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Santorini's busy season starts in May and wraps up in October. In April, the low season, many shops are open but not all. November is the same. These quieter months are ideal for visiting, as the island is calm and less packed.

Hydra, in contrast, is much smaller than Santorini. You'll need around 2-3 days to explore Santorini fully, but Hydra can be seen in just a day.

It is totally up to you :)