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Driving from Delphi to Nafplio

We will be driving from Delphi to Nafplio. Are there any sights to see by going to Nafplio via Patra? Or is it better to go via Corinth? After Nafplio we will drive to Athens, so we could see the Corinth Canal and/or other sites on our way to Athens.

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The Patras way is actually longer, and, having done that border road, I can say there's really nothing much to see. To illustrate, here's a map (click & it gets huuuge, use side sliders to navigate). Partly retrace your drive, then turn south to go thru Thiva (Thebes) on a Red Road (shown, then get onto the BIg GReen Road (which is E 94, but Greece has NO signs with numbers... the directions will say CORINTH), and head for Pelops.

You don't actually gt into the modern city of Corinth, as map makes clear... but if you wish to see the Corinth Canal while outbound, you'll hav to jump off the Big Green at "isthmus" (you can't really see it from the elevated multi-lane highway). Takes only 30 mins to get off, walk across old bridge, take photos, get back on Big Green .... OR, you can do it on return leg, instead. That' has been my choice & most efficient (see below).

After Big Green crosses into Peloponnese, you can briefly hop off the highway to the RIGHT, only 5 miles or So to see Ancient Nemea-- the "runner-up" to Olympia as a Sacred Games site. Short stop, big thrill; ruins, temple columns, AND fab stadium, complete with "heroes tunneL" and starting-blocks 2500years old for racers. Then cross big highway head south. Depending on time of day, time of year & your interest in ancient sites, you could stop at Myceana OR Tiryns right on route to Nafplio.

After your time in that splendid Old Town by seaside, on your return day, you could drive across the "thumb" of Pelopponnese peninsula to see Epidaurus (don't spend much time on the ruins, the AMAZING theatre is the main thing), then head to the shore road & go north to Isthmus, and then rejoin the Big Green Road.

BTW, we found we could do the latter, leaving after breakfast, around 8:30, cover those sights, then end up at Airport by 2pm. WARNING -- be VERY careful when you get to the ONLY fork in the road, at Elefsina -- take the LEFT fork to airport... staying on right takes you into horrendous port traffic, no way to exit & get back on right road. Did that once, never again.

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By the way, cloring, are u on secret business for govt? Otherwise, it's OK to say when exactly you are going ... and actually, it makes it MUCH easier for us to give you the best advice Examples:

• If going in late Fall, say October, you'll need to consider possible closing-time for museums & ancient sites -- some begin to close at 3 pm (to save staffing salaries); also you need to plan your days knowing that the sunsets will be at 6:30 instead of 9:30 as in May-June. Don't want to drive in the dark.

• If you are going in late Spring, or June, you might look up Nemea. The Greeks, cooperating with the Berkeley archeologists who have uncovered this site so beautifully, have also revived the Ancient Games (yes!!!) Thousands of people come from all over Greece AND from elsewhere in the world, to compete. It's every 4 years, and 2020 is THE Year! JUne 26-28 is the 7th Modern Nemean Games ... but even just before, and just after, there will be a lot of activity . Look at that website, it's so thrilling to see youngsters and adults competing

I trust by now y ou will have studied the Nafplio website this noncommercial website, beautifully created by a knowledgeable Scandinavian expat, covers evrything about Nafplio ANd the surroundings; it is the one best reference online. (Of course I hope you have a guidebook as well).

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Ha ha, no, not secret mission. I'm going next week, have done about as much research as will get done at this point! I wasn't sure if there were any small towns or scenic areas worth stopping at if we approached Nafplio from Patra. Thanks for your detailed info, I have read a number of your replies and they are very helpful.