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Drinking Tap Water

Is it safe to drink the water in Greece? Will be traveling thru Athens, Santorini and Mykonos. Coffee, tea etc. Thanks.

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1) Yes, it is. Subject to the same standards as the rest of the EU.

2) If water were not great straight out of the tap, as in some other areas of the world, then boiling it would be a good solution, hence coffee and tea are always the safer bets.

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Eat and drink safely

Food and water standards in Greece are similar to those in the United
States. Most travelers do not need to take special food or water
precautions beyond what they normally do at home. However, travelers
visiting rural or remote areas that are served by unregulated water
sources such as private wells should take special precautions to
ensure the safety of their drinking water.

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I buy bottled water for drinking and use tap water for making coffee or tea. I haven't noticed any adverse health issues with the water for coffee/tea.

On the other hand people in Flint, Michigan ((USA) where there were serious health issues due to lack of safety procedures would probably love to have the tap water from Greece!

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We just took the Athens & Heart of Greece tour. Tap water was fine throughout, although bottled water was served in most places. The only exception was Hydra. Our guide said tap water is actually fine there, too but has metallic taste, so he recommended drinking bottled. On Santorini, our hotel told us only drink bottled while on the island; tap water there is desalinated, good for cleaning, washing, etc.

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I use tap water to rinse my mouth at home and away from home. I use a water filtering picture at home and at work; I buy bottled water when I travel. I drank only bottled water in England and Italy but I am a recovering extreme health nut. I have been to Europe twice but not to Greece yet; the grocery stores in Europe all seem to have big selections of bottled water, I saw a lot of brands and they all list the chemical symbols of the minerals that are supposed to be in the water. Maybe it is uncommon for Europeans to drink tap water.

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There is not just one answer to the water question. It is common to drink bottled water, but if a restaurant serves water from a jug, you can rely upon it being safe. Most of the botled water comes from the sources of Crete, which have the most delicious tap water. In some islands, like Naxos, they have a separate filter system of potable water in public taps around the old town. Restaurants use this to fill up their water cans

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It is ok to drink the water in Greece. One little FYI, prices for bottled water in Greece are regulated by the Government, same price everywhere you go-very cheap, sorry we were there in 2014 so I don't remember the prices.

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A small bottle of water 0.5 ml costs 50 cents (euro) to get it from the kiosk. You can also find bottles of water at the supermarket on discount (6 X 1.5 lt). I do drink tap water here. It does have a funny taste. In Athens I like it, especially if it is cool right out from the fridge. Around the islands better get a bottle. The remote islands don't have good tap water. I remember once I tried tap water in Amorgos it was very salty and blurry. In big cities or towns, no problem at all.

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I am 70 years of age and just hate paying for bottled water, since the price per oz is ridiculous. If I can choose between beer, wine or water, I don't pick water. Still, I don't want to be dehydrated.

I have been to 76 countries and there are many where I will not drink the tap water. Examples, China, India, any place in Africa, several countries in South America (Argentina and Chile are generally safe), Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, you get the drift.

Most European countries have safe water to drink from the tap, as in the USA and Canada, however, there are specific cities where you don't drink the water, like Detroit. Usually, you find out from others about drinking the tap water.

I realize that others, particularly those under 40 would rather commit suicide than drink tap water, but this has worked for me and I am very healthy.

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Roseann (above) has the most sensible approach ... which I have followed in my many trips. In certain places you can see locals and restaurant waiters filling large jugs at certain stone-walled "taps" on the street... then you know that's from a good local spring source. As for 2 pllaces in particular in which you will miss Nectar of the Gods -- you MUST try the local water

• CRETE - In the village of SPILI (love the name!) on the Road south from Rethymnon to the Lybian Sea, there's a town square (really, a tiny triangle shaded by trees), there's a loooong fountain-wall with about 20 lion's heads that GUSH clear water -- they were put there in Medieval times, and flow from streams fed by the snow-pack from the top of Mount Ida. Delish!

•DELPHI - On a small cafe's terrace, looking down the mountainside at sunset, our waitress filled our glasses from a large pitcher. One taste = Ambrosia!! What brand is this we asked? Oh, it just comes out of the tap, straight from the snowmelt at the top of the Mountain, she said, pointing up at Mount Parnassus. Parnassus! Home of the Muses... drink and be inspired.