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Dreaming of day trips from the islands

As I spend time fine tuning our return to Greece (whenever) and reorganizing our "delayed" 2020 trip... I know many are doing the same. Several former posts have asked about day trips to various smaller islands..

Found this in my inbox this morning. The site gives me a weekly fix on ideas for future travels.. and fun places to investigate. So many islands never enough time.

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I miss the island too ! Been looking at my Greek vacation photos too.

Meteora was on my list to visit and explore.

Athens-Meteora-Mykonos-Santorini-Crete-Rhodes-ending in Istanbul. Will continue dreaming till it becomes a reality.

was thinking of the same thing i've been looking for some boats/yachts for some trips in Corfu and i've heard you cannot miss visiting the Paxi islands from there as they are just two hours away... didn't know whether to stay at a B&B or hotel in Corfu by flying directly into the island or simply take a yacht with the family for a few days from Athens to Corfu and the Paxi islands...a distant relative recommended to rent a boat in Corfu from here but we were a little worried since we don't know where to actually hire a boat from for this coming October..we want the best service and experience possible!

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that is a great blog, I have visited Athens before and always wanted to go to some areas in the Saronic Gulf, thanks for your post quilter and AlexandraCirka for your link, something to consider in the future is a boat trip around the greek islands..!

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Its been a tough year. We should be just returning from Greece right about now instead we are doing staycations at home on Vancouver island.

I thought I might share some of our photos to go with the links above.

Boat excursion Naxos to Delos and Mykonos.

While it is not necessary to take a boat trip to Sarakiniko in Milos as it is easily accessible by land. Here are some images of Milos including our visit to Sarakiniko.

There are also amazing round the island boat tours of Milos. They are in this album.

Old photo albums is about all we are going to have this year. Hoping for a return to Greece 2021