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Don't like Greek food - should I go to Greece?

Please don't fang me for my tastes, but some of the things I don't like are cucumbers, olives, onions, lamb, and I'm lukewarm on seafood. Will I still be able to enjoy a trip to Greece?

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Of course! There's a lot more to Greek food than those few ingredients. :-)

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I don't like those foods either and have never been hungry on two trips. Just take the cucumbers out of the salads and enjoy those wonderful tomatoes!

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I don’t eat fish or cheese but there are plenty of delicious things to eat in Greece such as chicken or pork gyros, baklava, stuffed grape leaves, souvlaki, tomato keftedes and more. I loved the food in Greece.

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Try the pastries with spinach and cheese, or yoghurt and of course bread. Then there is the Raki!

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Don't worry, there are still beans, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, feta, artichokes, taramasalata, mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, spinach, fruit, all other meats than lamb, etc.

And for example, from a taste point of view, fried calamari no longer has much to do with "seafood"

The principle in (traditional) Greek restaurants is to have several dishes to share. You can order a Greek salad for several people, leave cucumber olives and onions for others and eat more melitzanosalata or dolmas that you also ordered.

And since in (real) Greek restaurants all the dishes are served at the same time, you can eat your meat dish directly if you don't like the starters.

On the other hand, do not be surprised if you do not see many desserts on the menu or even no desserts at all. it would even be worrying to see a large list of dessert choices.

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You will have plenty of different choices, and we found most restaurants to be very accommodating to the diner's preferences.

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One of the best reasons to go to Greece is the food.

There is a wide variety of options so you should have plenty to choose from. You can also make up your own meal rather than pick from a set menu.

Just ask the host what's in the kitchen or the serving area and you may be given the opportunity to take a look.

Check out my many meals I've had in Greece:

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I certainly won't fang you for your tastes, I'm probably much more picky than you are. But adding to the others, I spent 3 weeks in Greece and never had any trouble finding something enjoyable to eat either in restaurants/tavernas or in grocery stores. I especially loved the breakfasts because I love yogurt and there's nothing like fresh Greek yogurt with honey.

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You can find pretty much anything to eat that you want in Greece. Right now a Gyro and Fries sounds great. Also, had a very good pizza in Athens.

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"Don't like Greek food"

I'm probably in on that sentiment UNTIL I have my first Greek salad THEN I'm all in SANS the eggplant - I just don't get the attraction to that vegetable!

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One of the best things about travel whether it's to Greece or any other country is the country's food.

I grew up eating Greek food in America and loved it but in Greece I've had Greek food I never had back home and crave it cuz we can't find that kind of food in the US.

I can't wait for a REAL Gyro, unlike the pseudo ones we have in America!

Be adventurous, that's part of travel!

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For anyone startled by the name on this thread, she is a NEW Janet, from out west ... NOT Janet from Philly (she of 13 Greece trips & counting ) ... Just wanted to clarify!

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Oh my word! Yes, go to Greece and enjoy the wealth of dishes! All of these posts are bringing back “food coma” to me! Just a sample of my favorites: Chicken Souvlaki- dipped in tzatziki! Heaven! Tomato Fritters (Santorini), Courgette Balls- (popular Cretan Meze), Dolmadokia (Stuffed grape leaves), Keftelkes (meatballs), Moussaka, Patstitsio, Spanokopita, Yogurt with fruit, honey and walnuts. My favorite meals were at Mani Mani in Athens, Nostimon Hellas on Naxos, and the delectable savory Zucchini Pie at a family run Taverna in the village of Apeiranthos on Naxos. I do love Greek Salads- especially the tomatoes!
Oh, I really do miss Greece! We found a Greek restaurant nearby us that has the best Chicken Gyros until we can return to Greece! ;) Edited to add- the owners of our favorite Greek Restaurant are from Crete.

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I hated Salmon until I had it in Alaska ( still don’t like it here unless fresh or cooked right). . Mexican food is different in Mexico than in most of the US. Hubby hates eggplant until he had it in Turkey. So go and try some because you might like it. And, as others have said, there are plenty of different kinds of food so you won’t go hungry.

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Well, not exactly a newbie on the forum, but Italy is the place I've visited 13 times!