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Domestic flights in Athens airport

Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone knows if I book a flight from Corfu to Athens and then another from Athens to Crete, would 25 minutes in between be enough time in between. Would we need to exit and re enter to check in if the flights are not on the same ticket?

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Why buy Two separate tickets when you can book a all in one ticket connecting flight using the same airline
Aegean Airlines flies to both cities

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You probably will not make it in 25 minutes for a number of reasons and having to exit an re-enter would be least of your issues. You probably will not get from the tarmac to the gate in 25 minutes.

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No, I don't think that is adequate. When I did a similar transfer (originating in Ioannina, changing in Athens, continuing to Chania) we had to take a bus from the tarmac, go through security again, and then take another bus out to the tarmac.

Someone above suggests just buying a Corfu to Crete ticket which should, by definition, include plenty of time to transfer.