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Doing laundry on a cruise ship.

i need to do laundry during our two week cruise through the Greek islands. And I need to do laundry near mid trip. I know the cruise ship has laundry service for an arm and a leg. Are there other places to do laundry other than the ship? Particularly,in Santorini, as that is the mid point of our cruise.

Thanks in advance for your help

Rick Hanes

OK, I got it. Spend the $45 and save time for touring. Thanks for your great advice.

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There's a drop-off laundry within walking distance to where you exit the cable car building once you're tendered ashore. As you exit turn left. Walk to the end of that short lane. Turn right. Ahead on the left you'll see a short flight of steps down to another lane that leads out to the main road. Turn right onto the main road and walk downhill to the main intersection where all that traffic must turn left downhill. Turn left and walk down to the next corner. You'll see a small self-service market ahead of you at that corner. Turn left again and walk about 100 yards. The laundry is on the left:

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Check with your cruise line, our Med. cruise with Princess had a self service laundromat on board. Talk about handy! This year our Baltic cruise does not, boo!

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Think about how much you spent on the cruise. Think about how little time you have to see Santorini. Think about what that arm and leg really is--usually about $25. It's hard to swallow, but it might be easier timewise to just pay it and have it picked up, done, and delivered.

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Oh, please re- think the plan to do laundry in Santorini. If your ship does not have a laundry room for passengers, do use their laundry service. It is so nice (paradise) to have your things delivered to your cabin, all nicely ironed and folded or on hangers. Worth every penny, so pamper yourself.

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While visiting Santorini be sure and spend a half day at the beach. Bring your laundry and a bar of soap from the ship...................

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We are just off a Transatlantic cruise with Celebrity (still in Europe). Do as Bets said - use the service. Why use up Europe time on chores?? Celebrity ran a special at just past the halfway point of $45 for as much as we could stuff in a bag. Otherwise it was per piece pricing, which would have been higher still. Yes, $45 is ridiculous, but my Europe time is invaluable. We sink washed a lot, even on the ship, but the bag allowed us to get jeans/pants done.

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Your time is worth more than money. You're only in port a short time. Don't waste it doing laundry. Considering how much you're getting charged for everything else on the ship, $45 is worth it.

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Our cruise experience is they periodically offer all-you-can-fit-into-a-bag specials, which are a pretty good deal and make a lot more sense to me than using valuable on-shore time for laundry -- even with a drop-off service. We found a passenger laundromat on one ship years ago, looked for it on a subsequent cruise on that ship and it was gone. They're no fools! ;-)