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Do we need Air Con on the Greek Islands in July?

We are hoping to stay in a Villa on one of the quieter Cyclades Islands in July. We notice that Air Conditioning is not always an option and wondering if its not necessary. If we have windows and doors open are we likely to get bothered by flies and munched by mosquitos?
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A/C is the way to go if at all possible. July gets extremely hot and can also be quite humid. I think you should come prepared to deal with flies and mosquitoes. Some islands have them worse than others but they are a reality.

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Unless you are people who love to be hot I think you will regret not having AC. A couple of years ago it was in the high 90"s in Naxos and we had to either be in the sea or in our AC room from noon till 5.

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Yes! It has always been terribly hot whenever I’ve been in Greece in the summer.

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You decide - here's a link to daily weather in Naxos in July 2019. You can go back about 10 years. Based on 2019 I would definitely want AC because of heat and humidity, but my tolerance may be much lower than yours.

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We rented a house that was not air conditioned on Santorini in late May. It was not too warm with the windows open but the outdoor sounds kept me (but not my husband) awake.

So that is something else to consider, depending on how light a sleeper you are.

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Claire we were on Naxos , and Paros and Mykonos this past year , late May through first two weeks of June ( 3 weeks !)

It was hot as hades and I would have died without Ac !!!

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I've never had A/C in Greece outside of Athens. On Hydra and Santorini we had places with shade and breeze and with open windows it was wonderful.