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Do I need a rental car in Chania.

We will be arriving at the airport around 9am and have 2 full days in Chania before heading to East to Rethymnon and Heraklion. We will need a car to go there on the 3rd day but wondering if we should just stay in the Chania area of town for the 2 days or should we get the car at the airport so we can use around the area.

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Our strategy has generally been to avoid having a car in cities, for traffic congestion - and narrow street reasons, plus we’ve had to pay for expensive parking in places like Seville and San Sebastián, Spain.

We’re heading to Crete in 5 weeks, and renting a car for most of the time, but when we reach Hania (alternate English spelling, depending which guidebook and map you’re using) for our final 3 days, we’re turning in our car and going on foot, bus, or taxi while staying there. Will you be staying near the old harbor, like us, or elsewhere in Hania? Have a great trip!

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If you are simply staying in Chania for those two days then you will be wasting money just having the car parked all that time. You certainly do not need a ca if you are staying in the old town Venetian harbour area. If you are out at one of the beach areas west of the city then I might give you a different answer.

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Piggybacking on Tom . . .

I'm thinking about Chania for 4-5 nights in early October and 2 nights in Heraklion, no car, solo. I'd like hotel recommendations (not interested in beaches). I'm budget-minded, don't need luxury, but would like a little more than basic necessities.

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For Chania look at the area called Theokoptoulou street. It is within the city walls, chock full of small hotels, tavernas and shops. It is a pedestrian only street so it is quiet at night for sleeping. It is also less than a 2 minute walk to all the activities of the Venetian harbour. We stay at Pension Nora/ Natalies rooms but right next door across the alley you will find Pension Jason. Both are tourist class studio units and are priced right for budget travelers.
Here is what the area is like.
Theotokopoulou St area

For Heraklion I would suggest a hotel in the central area. Kronos is our favorite particularly if you get a sea view room. It has a view of the Castello and Venetian harbour. The other hotel we have stayed at was Castello City hotel. It is actually the nicer of the two but it is a good 25 minute walk to the Central area Venetian harbour. Both are good choices but we did choose Kronos for our September stay.

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Hi Chani (and Original Poster Tom) - the city of Chania should make Chani the Guest of Honor, with that name similarity, but I digress . . .

In Iraklio this late September, we’ve reserved a room at Hotel Kastro, recommended by numerous guidebooks, in the old town.

In Hania/Chania this October it’s the Hotel Elia Palatino, in the old harbor area. We’re looking forward to breakfasts on their rooftop breakfast space!

And if this helps, we’re renting from a suggestion stanbr made in a different post - AutoRentals Crete. They’re almost half the price of everyone else, plus are dropping off our car to us at our hotel in Iraklio and picking it back up from us at our hotel in Chania/Hania, no extra charge. Manager Dimitris has been very responsive

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Nope, no car for Chania. We took the airport bus to & from downtown, trundled the bags to very good apartment with balcony overlooking the harbor, just above the old mosque. Pandora Suites, around E100 a night in 2013. Breakfast included, on the rooftop terrace With Glorious View.

Rented a car from Avis to do Knossos & the mountains & southern coast, easy pick-up along a side street. By all means go to the excellent, amazing museum in Heraklion.

Chania's great for meandering. Excellent Maritime Museum & Naval Museum, the harbor & breakwater, little lanes, artisans & mom&pop shops, a few bars/cafes/restaurants! Supermarket as well as the snazzy covered mkt, & good quiet-street restaurant Dol-something, rec. by our apt. manager. Ate from the mkts & hole-in-the-wall bakeries & souvlaki joints most of the time.

Loved Crete! Enjoy!