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Directions to plaka neighborhood

Can someone please give me easy instructions on how to get from Athens airport to the plaka neighborhood in Athens. Thank you very much.

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Assuming you'r no going to make the mistake of driving a car:

If you need to go somewhere far from a metro or bus station and you have luggage, it is best to take a taxi.

  • Taxi: From airport to Plaka: Flat rate €45 from 5 a.m. to midnight.

  • Metro Line 3 (blue line) . Metro station at Airport Arrivals level: ticket: €9

A metro every 36 minutes from 6:10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Travel time to Plaka: approximately 30 minutes
Get off at Syntagma or Monastiraki station depending on the location in Plaka.

  • Express Bus X95 Bus station at arrivals level between gates 4 and 5. Ticket €5.50

The bus terminus is at Syntagma Square. A bus every 15 to 30 minutes depending on the time. 24/7 bus service

Travel time to Syntagma Square 50 minutes or more depending on traffic

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Take the Blue Line Metro into Athens to the Monastiraki Metro Station. That station is right on the edge of the Plaka. If you get off at Syntagma Square you will have a long walk to reach the Plaka.

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If you get off at Syntagma Square you will have a long walk to reach
the Plaka.

Not necessarily, If it's in the eastern part of Plaka, it's closer to Syntagma than to Monastiraki

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Definitely Metro, but which stop you get off depends on exactly where you want to go in the Plaka. South, your closest stop is probably Akropoli. East, Syntagma. West, Monastiraki. Check Google Maps for the closest station. Syntagma and Monastiraki are on the M3 (Blue) line from the airport. Akropoli requires connection to the M2 (Red) line at Syntagma.

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Jeff, if you would just give us the name of your hotel, or the address of an AirBnb, we could be very precise on the easiest, fastest, safest and/or most economical way to get there ... and it may not be all 4 of these plusses. Example: taxi or car service is the first 3, but (@40E daytimes) not cheapest. Bus cheapest (6E) and safest (from pickpockets that target Metro), but not fastest. etc. And knowing Exact Plaka location we can advise best.

For example, when going solo & economizing, to avoid crowds & pickpockets, instead of Metro I use X95 bus to Syntagma Square... Because its' the terminus, the Bus STOPS there & I can take my time retrieving bag & getting off, stepping right onto sidewalk. My hotel is about 7 "blocks" away, but gently downhill along Amalias Avenue, then a turn into Plaka at Hadrian's Arch. Safe day or night, the pedestrian traffic always ample. One option.

For best advice, more location detail... "Plaka" covers a LOT of territory.

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Visit Rome to Rio app. Much of what you need will be there. Start point, end point, gives you info. Or google.
I use these all the time.
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