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Delphi tour guide?

We will be doing a day trip from Athens to Delphi in May, with a private driver. The driver is not allowed to accompany us into Delphi. So my question is-should we hire a private tour guide to take us around the historical site or can we enjoy the site on our own?

Does anyone know if there is an audio tour available at the site? TIA.

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That's the thing about private drivers. Greece requires guides inside sites & museums to be highly trained & licensed ... many "car tours" present themselves as "guides" but in fact are simply hired drivers. The best-known guide in Delphi is Georgia Hasioti - - she has rave reviews & is really tops. But of course it costs. The Delphi-guide site she has does not give a quote but her tour is 2.5 hours, and costs 172USD, for up to 10 people. This is a real bargain for a group but a splurge for a couple.

There are no audio tours I know of (R Steves' free audio tours in Athens are a welcome exception in Greece). Some other sites, such as Knossos in Crete, licensed guides sometimes wait at the site entry and collect a group, for €15-20 per person, but not Delphi. If you are the sort that likes to bone up beforehand, I have a list of excellent websites with maps & info you can print out.