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Delphi to Nafplio

We will be traveling from Delphi to Nafplio. We would like to break up the 3 1/2 hour drive. Any suggestions?

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Corinth Canal and site of Ancient Corinth. Corinth Canal is a 10 minute look from the bridge and a good stop to use the facilities. A couple of hours at Ancient Corinth will give you time for a nice wander around the ruins and maybe grab some lunch in the nearby village. Or if you are all ruined out after Delphi, take the car up the hill to the fortified walls for the view.

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Corinth takes a loto of time to do it right, adt least half a daya ... better to consider it for return drive.

(1) I suggest jumping off the Big highway just at "Isthmus" for quickie look at the Canal (30 mins) -- youo can't see it from the big intercity "thruway, which is elevated. Watch for exit signs (they only give you ONE Chance) and zip off... Park by Old Bridge & walk out to center to take pix. Canal is SO deep SO SKinny!!, Then grab a snack back on highway ...
(2) about 15 miles on, on RH side, you will see Sign ANCIENT NEMEA -- first in Greek, then sign in English ... keep eyes peeled, only one alert. It's only about 5 miles off big highway... a STUNNING Ancient site, beautifullyl excavated...this was the "runner-up Sacred Games Site" to Olympia -- and has many of the elements but NO tour busses or crowds. YOu can see the highlights in 30-45 minutes Temple columns, small museum, and about 1000 yards away, a fab stadium, almost intact. Has the "heroes tunnel" where athletes emerged to crowd cheers. Even has the starting blocks from 2400 years ago, that racers used!! When this site was being repaired, the idea came to REVIVE the NEMEAN GAMES ... and now every 4 years, peolple come from all over the world to dress in white athlete garb and compete -- the 7th Nemead was june 2022 - THis is a Hidden Gem!

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Great stuff from Janet on the Nemian games.

You might want to make two stops at Corinth. One on your way to Nafplio from Delphi Nemia is a nice tidy site that can be done in an hour. On your way towards Athens you might want to stop at Ancient Corinth and Acrocorinth the massive mountain top ancient fortress with 36 degree views of the surrounding countryside.
And the canal of course. There is a path along the west side with several interesting things to see.

Here are some images of these sites

Corinth Area.

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We stopped in Theologos for lunch. It was right on the water but at the time, it didn’t seem like a big tourist area at all. I’ve since looked it up online and it looks like it does get crowded at some point, but there weren’t many people around when we were there at the beginning of June. We ate at Psarotaverna Vythos. It was very good.