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Delphi and Ondontotos railway in December

My family and I will be headed to Delphi in late December from Olympia. I’d like to make a detour to the rack railway in Diakopto and take the train to Kalavrita and hike down on the return. Has anyone done this in December and is it possible or will there certainly be snow.? Also, same question for visiting Delphi. Thank you for your help.

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Predicting weather with any certainty is always risky, especially nowadays with climate change upsetting traditional patterns. Having said that, while Kalavryta and Delphi are both ski resorts, the slopes are at higher altitude than the towns and snow is less common lower down.

On the only occasion I’ve been in Delphi in December we had sleight which didn’t settle. It wasn’t particularly pleasant but it was possible to do the site while well wrapped up.

I’ve never been in Diakopto in winter but we were there in October. The railway is dramatic and well worth a visit but I’d have doubts about December. Even if there isn’t snow at that level it could well be icy and slippery which would make the going fairly treacherous.