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Delphi accommodations for single night

We considered visiting Delphi as a day trip from Athens next month but have reconsidered (thanks to the wonderful contributors of this forum) and realize we need to stay the night. We will still be paying for our apartment in Athens as we are there for ten days so I am not looking for extravagant accommodations in Delphi… but definitely want a balcony with a view of the Corinth valley. Any recommendations? The recommendations I found in the forum are several years old and the few places I have scouted out so far require more than one nights stay. Thank you in advance!!

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I stayed at Nidimos Hotel last year for one night. The room/bathroom seemed a little dated to me, but overall it was pleasant and clean. I enjoyed a nice breakfast on my balcony overlooking the valley as well. You'll need to make sure to book a room with this view of course.

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Pan Hotel or Artemis Hotel... facing each other on the main street near the town Center (not a square, more a "Y" where 2 streets meet... there are shops, restaurants, and a bus-desk in a shop). For the view, ask for an upperfloor FRONT balcony room at Artemis and a BACK balcony room at Pan -- not fancy hotels, but perfectly fine, both family-run.... recommended by friend in the business.

Funny story that I may have included in previous threads on Delphi stays. It was May 30 a few years back we came without reservations (these days maybe not), walked into Pan lobby. Owner suggested a room off back corridor on the lobby level. Uh, we thought, and said, show us. We walked down the corridor, into a room with curtains blowing, with french doors onto balcony. We stepped out, and saw hawks circling ... 100 feet BELOW Us! Sheer drop down mountainside, and out thru a valley of olive groves, to the glittering sunlit silver sea. We'll take it, I said.

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I just wanted to add that you should stay on the street that Janet recommends. We stayed a street back which was higher, because my husband liked the baloney better. But the view was not as good honestly.

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We stayed at the Pan Hotel for one night last October based on Janet's recommendation in this Forum. The room was very basic and the bathroom very small but it had a balcony with a beautiful view of the valley. Also, the price was very reasonable and it was so convenient to everything. We were able to just park our car (the streets are very narrow in Delphi) and walk to restaurants, the museum and the Sanctuary of Apollo.

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Thank you, everyone, for your recommendations!! I booked a room at the Pan Hotel.