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Delos from Naxos

I would like to visit Delos/ Mykonos during my stay on Naxos next July. Aside, from the 2 travel days, we'll be there on a Monday and a Tuesday. I read that Delos is closed on Monday (is this correct?). Should I make reservations online before we go to Greece since we only have 1 day available? How do you book? Can you hire a guide to explain the site? Thanks!!

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Dawn, good news on 2 fronts:

(1) Greece has finally woken up to the fact that extended hours on major sites is important to spur tourism, duh. So 33 of the most important sites in 2014 were/are open 8 - 8 pm 7 days per week; Delos is among them:
(2) There are 2 companies, each running a day-excursion to Delos/Mykonos; in past years, they've run on Sunday & Tuesdays. The boats are Naxos Star & MV Alexander (the latter is larger, a smoother ride). They leave about 8 am, stop at Paros, arrive Delos about 10 am ... at 1 or so, you re-board & take the 30-minute ride to Mykonos, where u can stroll the Old Town until about 4:30-5 pm, back in Naxos by 7. Costs about €54 ... my friends have praised it. 3 hours in Delos is plenty. And 3 hours is also enough time to wander thru Mykonos Town, have a light Lunch (I recommend Marco Polo, which is inland on the main "lane" -- not one of the over-priced tavernas on the waterfront -- and take the obligatory photos. You can book on Naxos when u arrive if you wish, or e-mail beforehand to book. here's the MV Alex website w contacts:

The 3rd item (Guide) is harder ... you could inquire at the above website if a guide is available... in my visits to the island, mainly there are guide-led groups from cruise ships, or groups from Mykonos itself, the tourists sign up at waterfront agencies. From "lurking" at the fringes of these, I found them VERY elementary -- explaining the 12 Gods of Olympus, for example. Since you have 10 months to prepare, why not do some homework?? Look at some good guidebooks (shock! awe! what are they?). Also google for good online maps of the site ... my favorite is which also has GOOD succinct descriptions. First time I went to Delos, I remember wandering around, eavesdropping on groups & finding them stupid, using my own maps, and then encountering a lovely Austrian couple on their own. They were having a friendly dispute, pointing at their map and gesticulating. I cleverly said, "Schoolteachers?" They laughed and said, How did you guess??? We explored the site together and had a lovely time.

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I will caution you that in July the Meltemi Winds can blast through the Aegean Sea with a vengeance, making the trip to Delos in a small boat one you won't enjoy AT ALL! If the wind is too strong the boat companies will simply cancel the excursion. It's best to wait until you're there to assess the weather situation, and make your decision accordingly.

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Thanks Janet and Lee! It looks like, if 2015 schedules look like 2014, the NaxosStar will be used on Tuesday and the Alex on Wednesday. I'll check again in the spring but may need to wait until we get there to make sure the weather is ok for the smaller boat.