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Day out of Athens Tour

Anyone have any recommendations for tours or tour companies for a day out of Athens? I am traveling alone and am not wanting to rent a car so am looking at tour companies. Anyone have experience with some or recommendations?

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Fantasy travel. They do everything from arranging your whole trip to half day tours out of Athens. I went to Corinth, comfortable Mercedes mini-bus, pick up at a hotel 5 mins from where I stayed, cold bottled water provided and a good guide. I booked through their website

I should add that a lot of the tours are actually operated by G.O tours,

I enjoyed the Corinth Tour. Interesting site and a short stop at the Canal.

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It’s quite a while since I’ve done any of these but I’ve used both GO and Chat in the past. They seemed pretty indistinguishable to me. You can easily book them once you’re there.

The Corinth, Mycenae, Epidavros is a good mix and covers a lot of ground.

One tip: don’t book for the lunch and instead take a sandwich / snack of some kind. The lunch is generally a very bland meal with few options and you are stuck waiting for it to be served when your time is better spent on one of the sites or the town you are lunching in.


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Katsrad, if you are willing to take TWO days out of Athens, there is one tour I highly recommend because it takes you to Major Landmarks/Ancient Sites plus a stunning Seaside town, Nafplio (considered THE most beautiful Old Town in the nation) and --most important -- doesn't rush-rush but allows hours and hours of Free time to experience the latter.

Go, Chat, and Key are the 3 major Athens-based companies that do out-of-town tours (even if you book thru another outfit, they simply put u into one of these). All 3 have bus tours to the Argolid, the history-rich area just across the Corinth Canal, visiting the ancient ruins of Mycenae and Epidaurus -- but Go/Key offer just 1-day tours, which only allows a brief stop in Nafplio for a quick lunch, not even walk-around time. Only Chat allots 2 days to this - Its tour starts on either Tuesday or Wednesday. It covers the Corinth Canal & Mycenae by noon on Day #1, and rest of the day + evening is free time in Nafplio (the lanes! the museum! sunset! -- if you're going in warm weather, even a swim!). Day #2 AM is also free time, and then you visit Epidaurus in afternoon, en route back to Athens.

2 things people ask:
• What about leaving my hotel?? Athens hotels are Very accustomed to guests leaving for a day or 2 or 3; they'll adjust your reservation if informed in advance. You just leave your big bag in luggage room & take an overnight tote
• Where do tour people stay in Nafplio? The tour offers a "first class" but it's in a hotel way outside of town, you'd have to taxi back/forth. The "tourist" rooms are in Hotel Victoria, a perfectly nice hotel IN town, just a block off the main square ... so handy for cafe-sitting on on a moonlit night and watching Greek kids riding trikes on the marble paving.