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Cyprus nature

Hi all! I didnt see any topic for cyprus in here, but if there is one im sorry.
Im doing school project about Cyprus and I would need some information about nature in there, especially about the "sea caves" and beaches. I cant find information in my language at all, also english is bit hard for me. So i want to ask what countries are similar from nature as Cyprus? And beaches also. Maybe something like caribbean islands or no? And is there any places with similar sea caves in the world or is Cyprus unique? Sorry for stupid questions but really need this for my essay.

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If you go to you can find "greekcypriot", a contributor who is always very helpful. Because she's from Cyprus I'm sure she can tell you anything you need to know. Just send her a private message.

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The beaches in Cyprus are a mixture of sand and pebbles. The caves are formed by limestone or sandstone erosion which you do not get in the Caribbean. There are also caves in Portugal.

Similar islands are Malta and some of the Greek islands including Crete.

Cyprus has many migrating birds in spring and autumn.

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Hi- my grandfather was from Cyprus. We visited in 2013.
One thing I noticed in my week on the island? not much wildlife:(
My understanding is a lot of it has been wiped out by hunting.
I follow this birding group on facebook. There is a lot of poaching going on during the big bird migrations in the fall. There were many small song birds at the hotel we stayed at on the beach in Larnaca, similar to our sparrows here in the US. We were surprised that we saw no shorebirds. Out in the hills where my grandfather was from, we saw no wildlife.
There are supposed to be some mountain sheep, moufflon, in the Troodos.
there is a little info here
and here
The climate on Cyprus seems much different than the Caribbean islands. We were there in Sept and it reminded me of the Arizona desert! Hot and dry, very little green. Not sure about the rest of the year. It was nice and cool with trees up in the Troodos though.
One thing we did see a lot of, domestic cats.
Good luck with your essay

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I can cheer up you a little)
Last month I and my husband went to Cyprus
nature there really beautiful
wherever you go, all want to take pictures
rented an apartment there and had a very scenic view from the window))
unfurtunatelly, there not allowed to add photos, I`d want to show you))

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eve-you may be interested to know that the American author Jonathan Franzen has written extensively about the illegal killing of songbirds for food on Cyprus, Malta and around the Mediteranean. The birds are netted, trapped, shot, etc on migration routes which are common in these areas. A documentary film is coming along soon too.