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Current money suggestions

Hello all!

My cousin and I are traveling to Greece next month for 16 days and are wondering if anyone has advice as to how much cash we should realistically bring, based on the CURRENT economy in Greece. I know earlier in the summer many people were saying to bring enough cash to cover the cost of the entire trip, but I'd really rather not keep that much money on me if it's not truly necessary. I'm not worried about being robbed, so much as I am that I may lose the funds on my own! We were thinking of bringing about $500 cash and then bringing debit/credit cards for the hotels. Now that the media has gone quiet, it's a little more difficult to gauge what the situation is. Any suggestions for us?

TIA - Melissa

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"We were thinking of bringing about $500 cash" - do not bring dollars of any type (you do not say where you are from, so I don't know what type of dollars you are talking about); they will not be accepted anywhere except a bank. Bring Euros instead, that is the currency of Greece. Bring enough for the first 1 to 2 days, to give you enough time to find the local cash machines (ATM's).
"Now that the media has gone quiet" - It may have done so wherever you are, not in Europe.
Banks are open again in Greece, cash machines (ATM's) never closed and never had any restrictions for foreign cards, though some did run out of cash. Just bring debit and credit cards, debit cards for cash machines and credit cards for hotels. Everywhere else use cash.

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That's exactly the reason I was asking, because it has gone quiet where I am. Thank you for the information and suggestion! Much appreciated