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Crete Trip May 17-24

Hi everyone,

We live in Germany. We were offered an all inclusive trip to Crete for the above dates flying out of Frankfurt to Heraklion for our family of five which includes 3 children ages 11,11 and 13 for 2365 euro. This includes hotel, taxes, food, transport, drinks, etc. The hotel is Smartline Village Resort.

Does this sound reasonable for our family? We want a relaxing week without really having to go anywhere which can be tiring with 3 kids. We just got back from Budapest and Rome. I'm just a bit of a cheapo and want to make sure this is reasonable and there isn't something better out there. Food is always our biggest expense plus the ice cream, snacks and what have you in between.

Thanks for your help Bonnie

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Bonnie, I think you'd get the best answers by posting on Trip Advisor on the Crete Forum--- TA has the MOST people going from UK on A-I package holidays. You could write a Headline "Need Opinions on Smartline VIllage Resort" on the TA Crete Forum. If you want to get traveler reviews TA also has those --- but you will have to choose; when I googled "Smartline Village Resort Trip Advisor" I saw two TA REview sites "Smartline Vasia Village -- Sissi" and "Smartline Village REsort & waterpark -- Hernissos" ... I don't know which package yours is for. The latter has some mixed reviews slamming the food ... but for cheap budgets for kids, maybe it's no big deal.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I usually do ask all my questions on Trip Advisor but then came across your forum and found it very informative.

I will definitely post there and again, thank you! Great site!

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Buying your own flights from Condor or TuiFly costs about €110 per person, each way, or €1100 total, so that's half of the package value for the family.

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Thanks! I believe my husband got something similar so I'm leaning toward doing it. Food would be an additional 150 euro per day for all 5 at least and then there is the hotel.

Really, the only thing preventing me from doing it is for my particular personality, I'm not sure I should be in environment where I can make a pig of myself. Sad, but true.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any replies off of tripadvisor. I noticed a few that weren't answered so not sure about that particular forum. My question about Turkey got answered right away.

Okay, I'm going to mull this over but will probably try it. It does have a fitness center! I've never done an all inclusive and it would't hurt to try it once. I think it will be fun.

Thank you again! Bonnie